The advantages of Live Casino Streaming mode

tuesday 28 december 2021
In Igaming and online game

il world of online games Evolution and technological development is increasingly suffering. A new in constant expansion that has had a strong acceleration also thanks to the advent of the pandemic and the related mobility restrictions. The players, in fact, forced home, were able to devote more time to their passion: online games.

Online entertainment offers various game opportunities, but in recent times one in particular has been stimulating the interest of the gamers: i Live streaming gamesnull In particular, let's talk about the Live casino and of show game, areas of live and interactive game that work just as if we were in a physical game headquarters, but with the advantage of having all the comforts we have at home available.

Live Casino offer users the possibility of play through a live virtual mode, in online streaming. You can play in the presence of A real Croupier, as well as other players connected simultaneously with their table. One of the benefits of this mode is the fact of being able play comfortably from home Without having the obligation to reach a physical casino, as the player will always be in with the Croupier and the players from his own game station.

Other advantages guaranteed to players of live streaming casino are the Possibility to check the data, episodes and winnings at any time. There is also Wide choice of games Both to choose from, thus immersing himself in a game experience as much engaging as possible, without having the feeling of playing against a cold and aseptic computer.

I live casinò streaming they are equipped with cutting -edge technology that allows you to make the gaming experience as real as possible, immersing the players in An atmosphere that has nothing to envy to that of a real casinonull Everything is based on a streaming service that allows you to channel the data from a source and make them available to all those who are connected on the platform. It becomes in this possible way Connect to a virtual room or table, managed by Croupier and Dealer in flesh and blood.

All operators of a certain level allow their users to play live on their platform. Considering the growing number of enthusiasts who prefer this game mode - live with live connection - we made a la List of the best online casino with live mode For the players who prefer to look at the Croupier's work in real time at their game table.

Blockchain and Metaverse: the future of online game

As mentioned, technological development advances, the world of gaming also evolves by projecting it towards a new dimension. Users of the best known social networks and platforms will have noticed the presence of the word "meta"More and more in evidence.

Well one of the concepts that we will have to learn about is that of Metaverso, which allows theinterconnection between new models of virtual worlds in which people can interact with each other, comfortably seated on the armchair or on the sofa at home. In this new reality the economic transitions and purchases are traced and recorded through a system of Blockchain.

Blockchain and Metaverse represent Two essential aspects of a new way of understanding the online relationship.

What are the metvers and the blockchain

In particular the Metaverso, especially for the gamers, does not represent an absolute novelty. In fact, also because of the pandemic, multiplayer games were increasingly spread based on the creation of a parallel universe in which to challenge other players and in which to buy upgrade of characters or weapons using virtual coins on the platform. These games are often based on the use of non -fungible cryptocurrencies or tokens that players can buy, sell or exchange with other players.

Among the best known games that have exploited this technology we can mention Genshin Impact, a multiplayer game that has passed i 3.7 billion dollars of collections in one year, marking a real record. Just think that historical titles for the world of gaming, like Pokemon Go e GTA V, they collected the same figures throughout the period of their diffusion on the market.

It is a game freemium, that is, you can Open an account for free, but to advance the level and be successful in the game you have to invest real money. To do this, you must convert your money into a virtual coin, owned by the platform, which basically allows you to buy other coin with which to finally have purchasing power in weapons and characters to spend in the game.

The idea of developing metverso was to create a virtual reality in which it becomes possible to visit distant places, or have s with friends through a character made on the web (an avatar). To these methods was added the possibility of the Blockchain, that is, the ability of economic interactions recognized between "non -human" beings.

Among the main features that make up the metvers we find:

  • Internet: Thanks to the use of multiple decentralized nodes, a goal universe is disconnected and not controlled by a central authority, but shared by several subjects.
  • Digital technology and advanced programming language: Metaverse arises and seems real because the technology used to create it is of the most advanced, written for being fluid and user friendly.
  • Hardware: all the devices that project in a virtual reality such as viewers or Smart Glasses make the hidden world clearly more usable.
  • Blockchain: the real factor that makes the experience in the metaverse as complete as possible, providing guarantee and transparency on the transactions made.
  • Content portability: a content created in the metaverse can be "moved" and transferred to that universe in a free way.
  • Dematerialisation: a goal universe is a universe that goes beyond physical boundaries.
  • Sociality: the possibility of meeting other people, physically at home.
  • Persistence: Metaverse is always accessible and usable with each device, but you can change the game experience, changing the panorama or role of your character inside the game.

The revolution involving social networks and Facebook

The first examples of Metaverse and Blockchain They are obviously represented by online games, where users are already used to playing the role of playing avatars and interacting with others in every part of the world. But soon too All Apps of the Zuckerberg brand they will make the same functions available.

For example, on Facebook, in addition to involving different implications for the world of gaming, you will have the opportunity to participate physically with your own hologram in meetings or conferences or to meet a friend in 3D versionnull The risk is that a good slice of world population is excluded from this new universe, which in any case requires fast and stable connections and a hardware at the height.

The coupled formed by Metaverse and Blockchain will project us into a whole world, revolutionizing what we know. And we are not only talking about entertainment and online gaming, all the communities will suffer from its influence and The same world of work, going to upset - and perhaps replace completely - Internet, at least as we know it.