The first online casino in virtual reality arrive on the gaming market

tuesday 28 june 2016
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Virtual reality technology could lead to a new revolution in the online casino sector. After the appearance of the first viewers for the VR, the response by the game operators is not long in coming, ready to exploit the potential of the VR to offer users even more immersive casino games.

That the online casino sector is always in step with technology is certainly not new. After the race to conquer the mobile market to which we have witnessed over the past two years, for game operators and for manufacturers of software for casino games is defining themselves A new goal to achieve: virtual reality.

The availability on the market of kits and viewers for virtual reality (including the well -known Oculus Rift and HTC Vive) and the enormous interest shown by the public for this new tenncological proposal have created a certain ferment among the "big" in the market of the Online game. The idea is to allow players to live an even more stimulating game experience through the VR, "moving" inside virtual rooms populated by other players connected at the same time, with which to share the joys, the pains and the thrill of the azarus.

The potential offered by the combination of online casino and VR are enormous And they could radically change both the gameplay and the interaction of players with the services available, for example:

  • Users could bet at the Blackjack tables, roulette or poker flanked by their friends, viewing the Avatar lotus and interacting directly with them, through textual, vowel or emoticon chats. It would not be played more alone, but in the company.
  • The assistance service could be requested simply by raising a hand or going towards the avatar of the room assistants, making the operations easier and faster.
  • Casino operators would be able to offer bonuses and promotions directly to the players, presenting customized offers to each of them.
  • The affiliates would be able to "lead" the players inside the casino, a factor that would also revolutionize the affiliation sector.

If you think we are talking about science fiction, you have to change your mind. Some of these characteristics have already been successfully implemented in the VR version of the online casino, the first operator in the world to provide a version of the casino in VR. Unfortunately, this operator does not have a license to operate in USA, which is why American users will have to wait some time before they can first feel the gambling experience offered by VR. Certainly some of More well -known mess available for American players They are already evaluating the creation of a VR version of their platforms.

The current costs of hardware for the management of VR viewers and viewers themselves make virtual reality still a niche sector, which is why they could pass years before a splashing of the oil of this technology. In any case, the experiment done by deserves to be kept an eye on, since from the trend it will have in the coming months we could have an idea of how much users are really interested in the casino in VR.

The first casino in VR: the experience of is the first operator in the world to create and put a version of its online casino in virtual reality on the market, with over 40 available slot machines games.

First we communicate to our readers that this operator does not have a license issued by AAMS to operate in our country, which is why playing from USA is not legal at the moment. As previously said, American users will have to wait for Aams' first concessions in order to bet in VR.

From an interview with the CEO of Alexandre Tomic to an online gambling portal, some interesting ideas of reflection emerged on the "online casino and virtual reality" issue.

The first of all concerns possible candidates to play in VR in the early periods, that is, young people with a strong interest in technology. Since the new generations have shown more interest in skill games rather than for slot machines, it seems that the gaming software manufacturers are thinking of introduce skills elements within slot gamesnull Virtual reality could therefore start the transformation of the online slot machine market, from pure fortune games to skill games.

Of considerable interest the momentary impossibility of playing virtual reality from mobilenull In the specific case, it was chosen not to make the casino in VR for mobile devices available, as the power requirements to reach a satisfactory vision quality are not currently reachable with smartphones and tablets, but only with optimized PCs.

At present, moreover The operator offers only slot machines, games much easier to manage in VR than the tables with multiple players, precisely because of the absence of complex interactions between multiple users. The next step in development will therefore be that of Expand the VR experience at roulette, blackjack and poker tables.

How to regulate the game through virtual reality?

One of the most controversial aspects of "VR Gaming" concerns regulation. Playing in virtual reality could accentuate all those negative characteristics related to gambling activities, such as the loss of the sense of time, extremely from real society and the risk of pathological dependence.

To mention the case of Slotsmillion, regulated by MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), they were taken into consideration of the precautions to avoid these situations, such as the display of a permanent virtual clock during the matches with real money at the slot machines. However, this Terrano is quite insidious and must be taken into considerations different variables affected the gaming experience both more pleasant but also safe for players.

As for USA, considering the confusion that has been made in recent years for the regulation of the online game, we do not know what to expect. We hope that the process that will lead to a possible future concession for casino games in virtual reality is simple and effective.

Online casino and virtual reality: great success or great flop?

That virtual reality is the future of online gaming is all to be seen. The premises are good, of course, but it is not the first time that we see the flame of the interest from users in a short time (do you know 3D televisions?).

What is sure so far is the constant growth of online and mobile azard, a growth that in the last 12 months has always shown various percentage points positively compared to the previous year. The sector is certainly not in crisis, which is why there is no real need to immediately introduce an innovation of this reach. The less daring and more solid operators could therefore follow to see if the virtual reality viewers will become part of the mainstream market band, while evaluating the results obtained by the pioneers of virtual reality applied to online casinos.

Will it be a great success or a big flop? We will certainly know more in a few months.