Play The Matrix on Snai and receive up to $ 10 reimbursement

sunday 25 february 2018
In Promotions and offers

In the Snai online casino, a 10 $ real bonus for the new Machine The Matrix slot, the game dedicated to the film that redefined the concept of science fiction is available until 11 March!

il virtual mess of snai It represents not only one of the most complete platforms for online game, but one of those that first present players the news of the sector.

Among the latest news regarding slot machines we find The Matrix, The Playtech slot inspired by one of the most famous science fiction trilogies of the last 20 years.

To celebrate the arrival of the new game Snai made a New bonus up to $ 10: For all players who focus on The Matrix, a 50% refund is foreseen up to a maximum of 10 euros in case of non -winning, at the end of the first day of betting on this specific title, paid as real money (or bonus Cash).

This offer is valid for all members of the platform e adds to the promotions provided for new subscribers: $ 15 without deposit to registration divided for casino games and sports betting, a welcome bonus of choice that can be 50% up to $ 50 (real with 1 time requirement) or 100% up to 1000 $ (Game Bonus with a requirement of 20 times).

How to get the 10 $ bonus for the Matrix slot

Until 11 March 2018, he plays on Snai with Neo, Trinity and Morpheus in one of the most interesting slot machines of the year: The Matrix. The losses will be only an illusion: up to $ 10 of real bonus to reimburse 50% of the budget accrued on the first day of play, if it is negative.

Here is the simple procedure to be followed to be entitled to the bonus:

  • Access the Snai website and login. (Still unregistered players must first enroll)
  • Go to the section dedicated to slots e Select The Matrix.
  • Point with real money, with any amount for each play.
  • In case of loss, Wait 72 hours to receive a refund 50% of up to $ 10.

Recall that all the calculations on the negative budget and on the assignment of the bonus credit are related only and exclusively to the slot machine The Matrix, in the period between 12 February and 11 March 2018. Here is finally an image showing the appearance of the slot during normal games:

The Matrix is a slot available only In the best playtech game sites, has a classic structure with 50 winning lines, 5 rollers and 20 symbols on the game screen. There are two ways for the free spin to choose the player and an interesting "Déjà Vu Shuffle" function that allows you to mix all the symbols with 8 Wild to increase the probability of winning. On the other hand, Jackpot is not planned.

Terms and conditions of the offer

Here are some conditions to keep in mind that are part of the regulation relating to this promotion:

  • For the assignment of the voucher, only the games made from 00:00 to 23:59 on the first day on which the first lap on the slot is valid.
  • The bonus will be calculated as 50% of the budget, if negative, of the entire first day of play.
  • The bonus will be assigned only to those who will be entitled to at least $ 1 credit (therefore a net loss of at least 2 euros).
  • The amount of the voucher cannot be taken directly, but all the winnings made with it can be withdrawn.

The complete regulation can be consulted on the SNAI platform, in the section dedicated to offers relating to virtual slot machines.

Is it an advantageous offer?

Considering that there are no requirements on the amounts to be focused or on the number of games to be completed, we believe that an advantageous promotion can be considered.

Simply, the players who want to try this new and interesting slot, will have the opportunity to obtain a real cash reimbursement in the event that the game session is not terms with a win.