The Soft Games arrive, a mix between slot machines and scratcha & vinci

tuesday 15 august 2017
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A mix between slot machines and scratch cards, in which the watchword is "simplicity". They are the new Soft Games and have just arrived in the American online casinos. What are they and how do they work?

Recently Lattomatic has opened a new section on its portal that adds to the already numerous casino games: that of Soft Games, Basi S Software Nyx. According to the first available data it seems that this new type of game was very welcome by the first players who tried their luck.

If this trend will remain positive even in the coming weeks it is very likely that the Soft Games will be introduced in most game sites in a short time. For this reason we see how this new type of game for money works, how to focus and how you can win.

What are the Soft Games or "Reveal" Games

The Soft Games are in our opinion a middle ground between a slot machine and a scratch card. The game screen consists of a Table divided into 9 boxes and the purpose of the game is to "reveal" at least 3 equal symbols (hence the name Reveal Games) in any position to be entitled to a cash prize, clicking with the mouse (or performing a tap from smartphone) to show the content of each box.

The difference with respect to slot machine online It is represented by the game mechanics, even simpler: in fact, there are no winning lines, nor value and number of tokens to be aimed. Paytable is shown next to the game window, as well as the episode selector and there are no buttons to read the rules (in fact, there are no rules).

Everything is studied in order to Maximize the simplicity of the game: Just literally one click to aim. Nothing to do with the relative complexity of the latest generation slots or with the real complexity of the roulette tables. We could ironically say that the perfect target for Soft Games are the laziest players, or those who have "just a free moment" to make a couple of fast games.

Some "nerds" may point out that for several years there have been surrogates of slot machines based on a 9 -box square game structure. In fact, the characteristics in common are really many, but with some exceptions: the first is that the symbols must not necessarily be aligned in the soft games, but only to appear on the boxes; The second is, as mentioned, the extreme simplicity combined with much more modern graphics. In addition, the symbols do not appear alone when the game starts but must be revealed by the player one by one, hence the affinity with the Scratch & Vinci. Simple bonus or free spin functions are also provided, therefore the affinity with the most advanced online slots also explained.

Point, click, win

Playing is really very easy: just aim, click and see if you get a win or not. These are the simple operations to be performed in the soft games:

  • At the beginning of the game, the player must Choose the amount of the episode, simply by sliding a bar to the left or right. The episode varies from a few cents to a few hundred euros.
  • To start the game just click on the only visible button, after which you have to Click on each box to reveal the corresponding symbolnull The game ends when all the boxes are discovered. It is also possible to press the start button again to reveal all the boxes instantly.
  • At the end of the game, If there are 3 equal symbols, the player receives a win, which can generally vary between 1 and 1000 times the total episode. Considering that there are 9 boxes, they can be obtained up to a maximum of three different combinations of winning symbols.
  • The game ends and just click on the start button to start a new game.

Here's how graphic games are presented:

But are they fun?

This is a completely subjective preference. We doubt that Roulette or Blackjack fans feel an interest in this kind of games. However, considering the attraction produced by Slot Machines and Scratta & Vinci, respectively the most appreciated games online and in the betting points in the area, there is a good probability of great success. Personally we would prefer to see an evolution of the games for money that takes into account at least in the slightest part of the player's skills ... but apparently it is not yet the time. What is certain is that, as regards "risks", there are no differences with the classic virtual slots.