200% on the first deposit exclusively for casino-us-casino.com users

thursday 29 june 2017
In Promotions and offers

Exclusively for our users, Casino.com/it offers a real bonus on the first cash deposit of 200% up to $ 200. Here's how to get it and how the promotion works!

Casino.com USA has made available an exclusive welcome promotion for casino-us-casino.com users: a bonus for new members with a percentage of 200%, up to a maximum of $ 200. This offer replaces the classic one that can be obtained by registering directly within the Caisno.com website.

The difference between the special and "classic" bonus concerns the percentage on the deposit and the amount, but not the unlock conditions. The player can in fact get a credit of 200% up to $ 200, instead of 100% up to $ 500null The bonus remains of the type Real post-plated: must be unlocked before he can be used for the episodes. Once unlocked, it is considered real balance and all the winnings made with it can be taken without condition.

This promotion also offers a game bonus Without deposit with a value of $ 10 which is credited to the player's account once the account checks.

How the promotion works and how to participate

Participate is very simple, first it is necessary Register on Casino.com through our website (or through the site https://casino.com/it using the Wisecas bonus code). Once the registration procedure is finished, just proceed as follows:

  • Check the game account just open to receive the 10 free $ within 3 days.
  • Make a deposit of at least $ 10 to be entitled to the real bonus of 200%, up to a maximum of $ 200 (the maximum is obtained with a first top -up of $ 100).
  • Click "Accept" when the promotion activation notification takes place.
  • Reach the release requirements for obtaining the bonus credit as real money.

Requirements to unlock the bonus and conditions

The requirements for unlocking the exclusive casino.com bonus are as follows: 40x the amount of the 10 $ and 30x no deposit bonus The amount of the bonus on the first payment. The latter can be unlocked in parts, in the way follows:

  • After betting 20% of the value of the bonus 30 times, 20% of its value is credited.
  • After betting 30% of its value 30 times, 20% of its value is credited.
  • Finally, after betting the remaining 50% of its value 30 times, you are credited with the remaining 50%.

To clarify the situation, let's take an example, considering a 1st deposit of 50 $. The player gets a credit of $ 10 after making a volume of episodes of $ 300, gets $ 15 after pointing another $ 450 and finally receives the last $ 25 with another $ 750 of game volume. The bonuses already unlocked contribute to the calculation to unlock the subsequent parts. In this way it is easier to obtain at least one "slice" of the promotion.

Among the important conditions to keep in mind, we remember that the validity of the bonus is 30 days starting from the moment in which the promo is activated and that obviously the player must never have previously opened another account on the Casino.com website.

And for those who want to play in mobile?

The new Mobile Platform of Casino.com allows anyone who wants to play, it does not matter if from mobile or with other devices, to have access to the same promotions! For this reason, the special bonus can also be used by those who record and make the first payment through a smartphone or tablet.