What changes between playing mess from the PC or tablets and mobile phones

thursday 6 august 2015
In News on Casino

Playing the mess through a PC or a portable device is not the same. In this article we discover the differences that are currently there between the versions of the "classic" casinos and those dedicated to portable devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The evolution of casino games for iPhone, iPad and Android devices was extremely fast. Most operators in the online gaming sector are working to ensure that platforms for those who play on the move are increasingly similar to "classic" ones that can be used by PC or fixed stations.

However, the current moment are still differences that can create confusion in the players. Let's see what are the main ones, bearing in mind that this list is generic and that each mess could have different characteristics:

  • The no deposit bonuses and the free spin to registration: In most cases, due to technical problems, players who record are using a portable device cannot use the no deposit bonuses or free games on registration. Only some operators allow you to take advantage of these offers if and when the player first accesses the casino from a PC.
  • Deposits bonuses: The deposits bonuses are now disbursed on all platforms. In some cases, however, the offers dedicated to the mobile version may differ from the "standard" ones. It is therefore recommended to check the various promotions directly from the hand-held device before playing.
  • The number of games: Making a game that works correctly on different devices for the characteristics and size of the screen is complicated. For this reason, the number of mobile accessible games is much lower than the classic online casino version. On average, in fact, the mobile games of a casino vary in number between 10 and 20, those of an online casino are often higher than 100 units. From Mobile (except in very rare exceptions) it is not possible to also participate in live tables.
  • The graphics of the games: The graphics of games for mobile devices is gradually reaching very high levels, even if not yet like the PC vesions. Playtech and Microgaming recently started providing tables and slots to play on the move very similar to those of games for fixed devices. Netennt instead activated the "touch" project (soon also available in USA), a group of slot machines with a very high level graphics.

We believe that at the current moment the game via PC, or in any case from a fixed position, is still preferable to that through mobile devices. Situation that could radically change within a year.