Spent of 325 million euros and growth of 17.2%

thursday 09 may 2019
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in the field of online gambling, the balance of the first 4 months of the current year is decidedly encouraging, even if there are differences in performance between poker and online casinos. the latter are the real protagonists of the registered positive numbers. the expenditure totaled from january to april 2019 in the online game sector was 325 million euros, with a growth of 12.7% compared to what is recorded in the same period of 2018.

By breaking down the virtual gambling segments, it turns out that it is online casinos to act as a driving force, totaling an expense of 273.4 million euros, marking an increase of as much as 17.2% more than spent in the course of the same period of the previous year (i.e. 233.3 million euros).

Things go differently for Poker Cash who did not record good performances, recording a 11.5% drop with a total expenditure of 21.5 million euros. A decrease of almost 3 million euros was therefore verified compared to the same period 2018, where this online gaming segment had obtained an expense of 24.3 million.

Taking exclusively the poker played in the tournament version, here too there is a reduction of both the number of registered (-2.3%) and the total expenditure made of 30.1 million euros in the first 4 months of 2019 against the 30.8 of the same Quadrimestre 2018.

The numbers recorded in April 2019

Analyzed the first 4 months of the year, now we set the focus exclusively on the last month detected, April 2019. Also in this case it is interesting to note that the online casino sector has achieved one robust growth equal to 16%null The expenditure was 67.4 million euros in April 2019, compared to the 58.1 scored in the same month 2018.

During the month of April, the tournament poker also achieved positive numbers, with an increase of 1.3%, passing this way from 6.6 to 6.7 million euros.

Poker cash has marked an opposite trend, recording a 4.1% drop with expenses decreased by 5.3 million April 2018, to 5.1 million about April 2019.

Microgaming, the provider who records the highest numbers

In addition to online casinos in general, that of April 2019 was a very positive month also for dealers connected to the software house Microgamingnull In fact, during this month the provider managed to generate 8.7% of the total expenditure made throughout the American market. This is an extremely positive result, in line with the data already recorded in March and which confirms a growing trend.

He covered a the CASH GAME CASH, where Microgaming stands at 16.6% compared to the total play volumes. Conversely, as regards tournaments (mainly poker) the figure was 7.2%.

In addition, within the various casino platforms, the expense made on this network reached 8.2% of the total.

What are the favorite games in online casinos?

The good performances marked by AAMS online casinos are closely connected to the proposed schedules. In this perspective, it is interesting to know what are the users' favorite casino games by users.

The lion's part is certainly carried out by slot machine, who enjoy excellent health: they recorded a increase of over 8% Compared to the previous year 2018, demonstrating an increasing following from the players.

A growing interest was also detected with regard to the roulette And the Baccarat.

Vice versa the values of the BlackJack (although it is one of the Games that pay the most to online casinos) and in particular of the poker that scores -3% as regards the cash & go version and a -1.5% in the tournament version.

Finally, among the sections preferred by online casino users there are Casino Games, who have achieved growth of over 20%.

Analyzed the data recorded by the online casino games sector in the first quarter of 2019, a final consideration relating to the performance delle slot machines.
One of the secrets of their success is linked to the possibility of playing us by connecting to casino mobile per smartphone e Tablet, devices from which you access the online gaming rooms and play even when you are on the move, at any time of the day.

This is precisely the key to their liking. The players, in fact, consider them ideal for this purpose, also because on smartphones and tablets the slots machines have a very high level yield.

Conversely, poker is considered as a game where it is necessary to have and keep a great concentration at virtual game tables, for this users prefer to consider less the idea of playing from smartphones or tablets when you are on the move.