The fight against game sites' dot as illegal in USA continues

friday 2 withptember 2016
In Igaming and online game

The updated list of online gaming sites obscured by the Customs and Monopolies Agency reaches 6057.

The number of websites of casino, poker and bets in the list of operators darkened by the Customs and Monopolies agency rises to 6057.

To be part of this list are the sites that do not comply with the distance online game regulations provided for by the American regulation, as dictated by the provisions of the 2006 financial law. Curious case, the number has reduced a unit compared to the penultimate Update, which counted 6058 virtual rooms.

The battle of Aams continues therefore to the so -called "dot com" operators, with the dual purpose of protect players from possible scams implemented by operators who do not follow any ethical or legal rule, while allowing the tax authorities to pocket the funds from the taxation of the online game sector which otherwise should be lost abroad.

Dark online casinos are inaccessible to users who connect from USA, through blocks that telephony service providers are obliged to impose on Internet connections.

Why not get around the AAMS block

Looking on the web you can find many "guides" that allow you to get around the blocks imposed by ADM (Customs and Monopolies agency) to play freely on any online gaming site, including foreigners.

Although the procedure is of simple implementation and does not constitute a crime (it is basically about using a foreign proxy to hide direct access to the game site) remember that the fact of playing and betting on websites that have not obtained the license Aams is illegal for American citizens.

In addition, this procedure could put sensitive data on the player and money transactions at risk, not to mention the possibility of embarking on the casino and betting sites that put on real scams.

The list of darkened sites

For those who want to know the complete list of darkened online gaming sites, we refer you to a dedicated document on the ADM website.