Immediately unlocking the complete features of an online casino is fundamental

thursday 13 october 2016
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The sending of a copy of an identity document to the assistance of an online casino is an operation of fundamental importance: it can help to win ... or rather, not to lose what has been won!

One of the most interesting features of the online game is the possibility of playing immediately after making a quick registration procedure: the time to fill in a couple of form with their own personal data, a few minutes to proceed with the first payment in cash and we are immediately Ready to enjoy the fun offered by the betting service to which we registered. All very simple and fast!

Once the initial pastachures are over, we start betting, we try the adrenaline of the green tables or slot machines and, if we are lucky, we get a nice win. Cheers, it's time for take the winning! We go to the Casino section that allows you to manage money transactions, insert the figure we want to pocket and ... The withdrawal is denied us! Because? Because we have not sent a copy of an identity document for verifying the game account.

At this point we could raise unnecessarily against the operator who does not allow us to collect the money we have won in a lawful way. But the operator in this case has nothing to do with it: this restriction is due to the American legislation that regulates the online game.

What does the distance game legislation provide for in USA

As for the topic we are dealing The AAMS legislation provides for two salient points:

  • The player can make payments and focus in games immediately after registration, but cannot withdraw until the account is verified by the betting service operators (i.e. until the player sends a copy of the document).
  • If the operator does not receive the document within 30 days of opening the player's account, the account is closed. Even if it is possible to request the withdrawal of the residual balance, all the other operations are suspended (you can no longer play in any way).

The first point highlights exactly what we discussed initially. In a certain sense, the second point represents an advantage for the player: if the game account is blocked the player can no longer bet. In this perspective, the various casinos have all the interest so that as many accounts as possible is validated, which is why not only the procedures for sending the document are simple and well documented, but sometimes sometimes they are disbursed no deposit bonus linked to the verification of the account.

What can happen if we do not send the document immediately

Our advice is to proceed immediately to send a copy of the document just made the registration. The reason is simple: to protect any winnings obtained.

The timing for checking the player's account vary from a few hours to a couple of working days. Now hypothesize the following situation: we register a mess on the web, pour money and start playing. We manage to get a win that we would like to withdraw, but we cannot do it because we have not verified the account. Then we send a copy of the document to the operators of the casino. The problem is that in the meantime the money remains in the playable balance and in the time you need for verification, The bad idea of continuing to aim with the money we had decided to pocketnull If things are not going well this time the risk is to play everything that had to be taken.

If we had immediately sent the copy of the document, this situation would not have presented itself, because the request for withdrawal would have been accepted immediately.

How to send a copy of your document to an online casino

The procedure for sending the documentation to a remote game operator is quite simple and can be completed in a few minutes. The first thing to do is a scan or a photo (also from mobile phone) in front and back of the document that has been used during registration. Depending on the chosen operator, one or more of the following possibilities are available:

  • Upload the images directly during the registration if the form provides for the sending of the aforementioned files.
  • Send the photos to the email address communicated by the operator during registration, in the welcome email or with notices shown during the game sessions.
  • Upload the images through the dedicated section inside the player profile, after logging in to the operator or casino website.
  • Alternatively, in case of difficulty, the assistance by email, telephone or chat to ask for clarification on the correct procedure to follow.

Why is it necessary to check the account?

It is a security procedure that must be implemented by Teats Eye Casino Arms, which serves to protect both the player (age verification, a guarantee that other people's data is not used for registration), and for the operator (multiple recordings and abuse of bonuses and promotions).