Game markets in USA, UK, Spain and France are growing

tuesday 24 aprIl 2018
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USA in second place for the size of the online game market in Europe. In the first place the United Kingdom, but Spain and France also grow

USA is confirmed in second place in Europe in terms of the size of the market of the regulated online game.

The total expenditure of over 1.3 billion euros Registered at the end of 2017, it shows how our country represents one of the most flourishing markets, as also highlighted by the strong interest shown by the big brands in the sector and by the number of concessions required to provide game services to American users legally.

It should be noted that the growth of the sector in USA does not depend only on the increase in the number of players: great importance also had the commitment of the monopolies that led to the blocking of over 7100 illegal sites and the explosive growth of the mobile, +52% compared to the previous year.

The United Kingdom remains in the first place, in which the online game market was able to generate an expense of over 5.5 billion euros, showing a growth of 6% compared to the previous year.

Great growth in the sector also for Spain which, following the American model and thanks to the entry of new operators and consequently to the expansion of the offer, reached 560 million euros (+31% compared to the previous year).

Good growth also for France, which recorded a +18% despite the absence of the Casino Games, currently forbidden by the regulation in force. Of the 960 million euros of registered expenditure, about half was produced by sports betting.

Distribution of expenditure based on the type of game

I'm Sports betting and casino games The two types of game that most feed the market throughout Europe.

The sum of the expenditure generated by Casino Games and sports bets in 2017 represents 82% of the interior market in USA, 89% in the United Kingdom and 85% in Spain.

Descending even more in detail, The real beating heart of the game industry emerges how the slot machines are: The slots had an incidence of 70% on the total of online casino games in USA, 65% in the United Kingdom and 50% in Spain.

It therefore seems that, despite an ever wider and varied offer of services, European players are interested in betting as usual on sporting events or aiming for virtual slots.