We turn the voice, the campaign for the prevention of the game among minors

monday 11 january 2016
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We make the voice turn is the new campaign that aims to prevent the juvenile game organized by Moige with the collaboration of the State and Lottomatica Monopolies.

Gambling prevention among minorsnull This is the primary objective of the socially useful campaign "Let's turn the voice", a project born in 2010 with the slogan "18+ The first rule of the game" and carried out by Moige (American Movement Parents Onlus) with the support of Aams and Lottomatica.

The tools used to carry out the project involved both the online sector, through the creation of dedicated web sites and social pages and more traditional methods. In 2015, stands were set up in 24 large shopping centers scattered throughout USA, in order to inform families about Law that prohibits access to any type of game with cash winnings to minors under 18 years old.

From the latest data it appears that only 53% of the stands of the stands admitted that they are aware of this law. A value of 3% higher than 2014, but still too low if analyzed in a more general context: almost half of the families does not have the necessary knowledge to deal with the theme of the responsible game with the children and is unable to perceive the first signals alarm related to the problem of gambling addiction among minors.

casino-us-casino.com fully supports this campaign for the prevention of the game among minors, as well as any other project that has the purpose of informing the families about the risks of the game, the prevention of problems related to the azadic and the ways in which it is possible manage cases of a game related to the game.

The project will also be active in 2016: interested parties can find more information by accessing the resources (websites and social pages) reported at the end of this article.

The impact on the world of online and casino game in particular

For what concern Online and particularly the mess on the web A campaign of this type may seem superfluous at first glance. In fact, online gaming services, at the time of registration, use automatic systems to prevent access to subjects who have not completed 18 years of age.

Even if the problem of the juvenile game therefore seems to have a minor impact in the online sector, It should not be forgotten that the controls and prohibitions are in force only in those betting sites and mess that operate in a legal and authorized way by AAMSnull Unfortunately, on the web it is possible to come across, in a rather simple way, in game sites that do not respect these rules, despite AAMS attempts to stem the phenomenon.

Since it may be rather difficult to control the activity of a minor on the Internet considering the unlimited possibilities of access to the network in every place, at any time and with each device, it is clear that one correct education towards gambling It is the first and most important step to prevent any incorrect behavior towards any activity that provides for cash betting, on the web or not.

Correct behavior of parents for the prevention of the game among minors

  • Not to accentuate the possibilities of a millionaire cash win in the family.
  • Do not play casino or bet online in front of the boys (and in any case do it by choosing only Reliable online casino).
  • Do not bring children or other young people to betting or receiver agencies.
  • Do not entertain young people with scratch cards, enalotto or other similar games.
  • Do not be helped in filling in cards or other schemes as if it were any game.

Web sites and social pages dedicated to the campaign we turn the voice

  • Moige Website: http://www.mige.it/progetto/progetto-18
  • Facebook: https://www..com/facciamogirarelavoce
  • Twitter: @tourmoige2015
  • Instagram: 18tourmoige2015