The news of the online Gambling in the Latam market

tuesday 01 february 2022
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2022 brings news into the online gambling sector of the Latam market, which is becoming the real tip of diamond in those countries.

The world of game is changing and even in the Latin American market something is moving in this sense. In the context of regulations, above all. It is time for all over the world The Gambling sector is subjected to a total reorganizationnull Something is changing, we said, and 2022 announces these news. In Brazil, finally, The regulation of the online game is becoming a solid reality, close to the officiarity.

By whom Sleeser, President and CEO of the Game Consulting Company Triple Ripple Group, claims that:

"The Latam market is enormous and that inside are making great progress Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Argentina".

Everyone is finally regulating the online game, which It is becoming the real spearhead of the game And it cannot be exempt from control and surveillance. Even in countries like Panama, paraguay and Uruguay they regulated the online game.

What is the current situation of Latin America?

Some factors must be considered: the population has 600 million inhabitants, the market has a huge amount of casino operators, slot machines, bingo, lotteries, hippodromas and betting houses and everyone tries to grab their market share. Between Argentina and Brazil, more than 20 jurisdictions could finally be regulated.

At the moment, the land game points where customers can play online are present in 8000 Legal Game Roomsnull All these locations are managed by 75-100 different operators, who could establish partnerships with online operators.

On an economic level, it is not possible to establish with certainty the performance: the data and revenues are generally not public, in Mexico There are quarterly and annual relationships, but often inaccurate and incomplete. In Colombia The regulator publicly announces global data on the sector. But it is undeniable that the market is also in clear growth in this region and that therefore reforms are necessary.

It is time to see, in detail, what are the main game operators in Latin America. WILLIAM HILL, Bwin he Betfair They did not land in Colombia for a combined market share of less than 1% in GGR. Nor will they do the same when they expand to other countries of the region.

In Mexico The interference of Caliente is strong, however, who will have to resist the strength of other operators who will try to impose themselves in the country. It will not give up so easily, on the contrary. The figures of Caliente, year on year, exceed the growth rate of 50%.

Also Cere interactive He is investing in Mexico and is ready to look at other markets. Always in Mexico, Timing It has been present for over 3 years but has made very few revenues, with the hope of turning in 2022. Dreams ed Enjoy, waiting for a merger, will enter Chile and the rest of the region. Betsson He currently invests in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.