The online casino does not pay: what are the reasons

thursday 01 july 2021
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Getting a win and not being able to take it is perhaps one of the worst nightmares for those who play in online casinos. The reasons why the mess sometimes do not immediately pay the winnings can be many: let's see what they are and what can be done.

Getting a win and not being able to collect is certainly a frustrating situation for the player, who is led to immediately think of incorrect behavior by the operator.

As a demonstration of this, the fact that many research related to non -paying operators are carried out on the web. However, it must be remembered that the casinos authorized by AAMS must respect rules and have precise obligations towards the players. All the games and transactions are traced, which is why it is not possible to decide not to pay a user and make his winnings "disappear" without a valid motivation.

In most cases A delay in paying winnings is due to some problems that can be solved in a simple way, if the same winnings were made in a lawful way. Below we have published a list of situations that can lead to a temporary or permanent block of withdrawals. If you find yourself in this unpleasant situation, do not return to any of the cases described and you believe that your request to collect is lawful, you have the opportunity to fill in and send AAMS a form for alleged offense.

The account was not validated

When you open an account on an online gaming site, you can usually start betting immediately. However, the American games on the online game provide that the player has the sending, within 30 days, of an identity document for a check of the account. Until the account is verified, the withdrawals are inhibited.

In this case, a player who makes a payment and gets a win, it cannot take them until the game account is not validatednull A can also be applied Block of the entire account After 30 days.

How to solve: by sending a copy of the identity document, following the instructions provided by the operator. The times for validation vary from a few hours to a couple of working days.

Further documents are required

Sometimes operators can request further documents, for example a photo of the tax code card, for certify the identity of the player before payingnull It is a security procedure that can also be activated in sample, therefore randomly.

The request for further documentation is often made by e-mail: in this case it is possible that the e-mail ends between the unwanted mail and that the user does not see it. If you don't know the operation of a mess on the internet, you can view ours basic guide.

How to solve: Check the e -mail received to the address used for registration to the casino and follow the instructions.

Wrong payment method

The regulation of many online gaming operators reads that the withdrawal methods available can be chosen on condition that they have been used at least once to deposit.

This means that a player who paid with PayPal may not be authorized to request the collection on Postepay paper. In any case, the possibility of choosing the bank transfer should always be guaranteed.

How to solve: Choose a payment method already used for deposits for the collection, or choose the bank transfer.

Winnings made with "Game Bonus"

Very often the bonuses offered by online casino provide for requirements: if the bonuses are real the winnings can always be collected immediately, if they are in the form of "Game bonus", it is very likely that conditions are applied to the conditions.

To give a practical example, suppose to play with a $ 20 bonus with a betting requirement of 30 times: even in the event of a win, until a total game volume of $ 600 will be reached (20 $ * 30 times), the winning It will still be considered as a bonus and therefore cannot be taken. For more information on this specific topic, we advise you to read this post.

How to solve: reach the requirements to convert the real cash bonus.

Abuse of bonus conditions

Even in the case of real bonuses, it is possible that they come Apply restrictions, as specified in the regulations published on the operator's website.

For example, if the regulation specifies that the bonus cannot be used for single bets above 2 $, while the player uses it for $ 5 bets, it is likely that in case of winning the casino asserts the conditions of the regulation and therefore prevents the user from the withdrawal.

How to solve: If the regulation expressly prohibits a certain behavior, you can only try to demonstrate one's good faith by ing the assistance of the casino.

Incorrect behavior by the player

Operators often have a iron approach when it comes to enforcing the key points of the regulation. In case it comes detected an abuse, or an attempt to abuse by the player, all samples are very likely to be denied, even in future forecast.

The most striking example is that of the same user who opens multiple game accounts for the sole purpose of obtaining welcome bonuses multiple times. In such a situation, any winnings are not considered lawful and therefore can be canceled.

How to solve: stop immediately any abuse of the conditions.