Slow Motion and close -ups with immersive roulette

wednesday 5 august 2015
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Immersive Roulette is the latest found in the live game sector: it is a roulette table taken by several high definition cameras, with slow motion effects and very suggestive close -ups.

Those who have already had the opportunity to try the roulette in a live version know the way the game takes place: the player performs the episodes through a graphic interface and can view the evolution of the game through a window showing the video live streaming broadcast by a camera positioned above the game table.

The immersive roulette brings all this to a higher levelnull The roulette wheel is in fact equipped with many High definition cameras, which can resume action from different points of view. After each game, one is shown Slow motion of the latest moments preceding the arrest of the biglia on one of the wheel boxes. Players can still manage their episodes fully through a very simple graphic interface to use.

It is also possible to interact through a live chat both with the other players participating in the game and with the dealer. A tip for boys: the croupier that can be "encountered" during the immersive roulette sessions are usually very attractive and the direction is certainly not forgotten to frame these girls. Although this can be a pleasure for the eyes, avoid getting too distracted from the beauty of the live dealers and above all avoid continuing to bet only to flirt through the chat. It also seems trivial to us to make a speech of this type, but we assure you that there are some players who, so to speak, lose sight of the game table!

On a technical level, the immersed roulette is no different from any other game of live roulette: you play exactly the same way. The only difference lies in the quality of the video and shots, decidedly less monotonous than the classic tables.

A game like immersive roulette is extremely engaging and we do not doubt that in the future the live mess sector will move more and more towards tables of this type. The only recommendation is not to get too involved and always play in moderation and without exaggerating.

What are the live online casinos with immersive roulette

Operator Casino Type of game Only true money
Starcare Only true money

The immersive roulette can also be played in the live section of Starcasinò.it, a game platform that we have not yet had a way to review. To know the live mess that we have already analyzed, you can consult theList of casino in live version.