Leovegas uses artificial intelligence to ensure safe game

friday 12 November 2021
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Spreading the culture of responsible game has become a real mission e Leovovas Group, like many other companies in the sector, has decided to contribute with a system designed to sensitize users to a more conscious and safe game.

About that Leovec has decided to adopt a New messaging system based on artificial intelligencenull Platform users will be offered customized content based on their behavior and risk profile. These contents will provide them with information on the responsible game. The messages will appear in a premium space, which was previously destined to promote new games and campaigns. In this way the players will be encouraged to use safer gaming tools.

The goal of this messaging service implemented by Levegas Group is that of Educate and form its customers on topics related to safe gamenull They will also be encouraged to recognize and establish their limits in online game. The contents of the messages will vary according to the user's profile in question and the level of risk calculated based on historical behavior. At the beginning the messages will have a purely educational purpose, but in the event that there it was they will be able to adopt a much more persuasive tone.

The system uses the IA to prevent problematic behavior

This type of messaging is implemented starting from the data of the risk forecasting modelnull It uses artificial intelligence in order to make predictions on players and predict which users, in the long run, risk developing harmful game behaviors.

L’Artificial intelligence (ia) It is the ability of a machine to show human skills such as reasoning, learning, planning and creativity. It allows systems to understand your environment, relate to what it perceives and solve problems, in order to act towards a specific goal.

This new messaging tool allows you to promote safe gambling to a wider basin of users and a younger age group. The goal is to seek as much as possible to prevent and/or avoid the development of problematic game behaviors.

Introduced individual deposit limit

A further tool recently introduced by Levegas, is the individual deposit limit, at the time active only for customers of the United Kingdom. This decision was made to further strengthen the offer of the safe game. Users will be assigned a payment limit to their first deposit.

This limit will then be reviewed from time to time using the most recent data of the individual players, and consequently adapted to the individual profile of each of them.

Hagman: "Personalized messages Best method to promote safe game"

Gustaf Hagman, CEO of the Levegas group, said:

"Offering our customers a highly fun experience in a safe environment is at the center of everything we do. The use of personalized messages in the early stages of our relationship with our customers is the best way to promote the involvement of the latter with our most safe game tools. In addition, this will allow the construction of more sustainable relationships. I am very proud to use the premium space on our sites for this purpose ".