With Leovegas you can play roulette following the game on the TV channels!

wednesday 30 january 2019
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With Leovegas you can play roulette as in a real mess: challenges the desk with other players, following the action on dedicated TV channels or live streaming. Here's how it works and how to play.

Leovec, the new game platform that has recently taken the place of the famous Winga brand, gives players the opportunity to challenge the Croupier of the roulette In an absolutely exclusive way: following the live games on TV!

By connecting to the digital terrestrial channel 63 between 21:00 and 2:00, or on Sky channel 237 between 19:00 and 2:00 You can take part in the Leovegas Roulette Show, a television program in which the players, connected to the Levegas platform, can follow in real time what happens at the Roulette table.

Before entering the details of this special game mode, remember that For all new subscribers in Levegas there is an immediate bonus on the first 5 deposits of 100% up to $ 1000, which can also be spent during the Roulette sessions on TVnull In addition, $ 5 without deposit to registration and 90 free for slot machines available on the portal.

And that's not all: You can play roulette on TV both from PC and from mobile, with all smartphones and tablets!, everyday!

How Lovegas TV Roulette works and how to play

Playing TV Roulette is simple like focusing on any other online casino game! Once the players have opened an account and made the first cash payment, just select the roulette table you want to participate and start betting!

All the episodes, results and winnings are managed in real time through the Levegas software, directly on the website or via the PC client to download and install (we recommend access directly to the website with a browser). Here are the steps to follow to start playing:

  • 1) open a game account following the procedure Registration in Levegas.
  • 2) make the first payment in cash and obtain the bonus (automatic).
  • 3) access the game account (from PC or Mobile) with your data and go to the "TV Roulette" section during availability.
  • 4) Fill on the opening of the game screen and tune in to one of the channels that transmit the event (or follow the live streaming from the Levegas website).
  • 5) pointing following the action live: all episodes and results are immediately managed by the system.

The available tables and precise times

The following table shows which tables are available, on which channels and at which times:

Game Channel Hours Type
Roulette Show DTT 63 21:00 - 02:00 Show
Roulette Show SKY 237 19:00 - 02:00 Show
NonStop Roulette SKY 237 02:00 - 16:00 Auto
NonStop Roulette Streaming All time Auto
Rock Roulette Streaming All time Auto

The "show" type indicates a direct with real Croupier, while the "car" type indicates an automatic roulette. Streaming is available by accessing the TV roulette area on the Levegas website, after logging in.

Not only playing ... but also learning

Roulette is not a simple game, but a passion that has always attracted many curious, even if not players since the birth of the mess.

Following the games of Roulette on TV with Levegas (Winga) it is possible to learn the foundations of the roulette, the most used strategies and some really interesting curiosities.

An example of Roulette Show on TV

The following video shows an example of Roulette Show -style television program: although this video refers to the Winga TV channel (the platform recently acquired by Levegas), it still does well the idea of how the action takes place at the table.