Online casinos become more 'mobile friendly' and players bet a lot from smartphones

tuesday 4 october 2016
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The mobile gaming has literally exploded in recent years, providing the online casino sector with a push so strong as to convince almost all operators to launch in this market segment.

The online game market through portable devices, the so -called mobile gaming, already reached considerable proportions in 2015: a total expenditure of over 150 million euros, or one penetration into the online gaming sector of about 20%.

Although 2016 is not yet concluded it is easy to imagine that these numbers are destined to grow, for two main reasons: the first is the general growth of the casino games sector, the second the increasingly widespread diffusion of mobile devices.

The general growth of the mess on the web in terms of spending was nothing short of enormous: From 49 million euros in 2011 we moved to 328 million in 2015, to finally reach the figure of 278 million only in the first 8 months of 2016, with a forecast for this year exceeding 400 million euros. This means, in simple words, that Americans point more and more in online casinos over time.

At the same time, the diffusion of portable devices, more updated, faster and able to perform graphically complex applications also increases. According to the most recent estimates, it seems that almost 40% of web traffic is generated by mobile, compared to 6% of only 5 years ago. With tens of millions of sales, the year of smartphones in USA is clear how access to online gaming services and bets is extremely simple.

The race towards the mobile market by the operators

What makes Mobile Gaming an appetizing bite for all casino games operators is obviously the possibility of playing anywhere and at any time of the day: since technology has made it possible to access games also from smartphones and tablets, Most operators have developed a mess in mobile version.

The evolution in this market sector has nothing short of fast and sometimes even a little chaotic. The first online casino in tablet and smartphone version offered few games, an interface that is anything but intuitive and a number of bonuses and promotions equal to zero. Things have changed quickly given the interest shown by users for this game mode: currently the mobile casinos offer a large amount of games, flanked by bonuses and promotions that sometimes are even better than those offered for those who bet from fixed stations, so as to encourage the displacement of users towards the mobile sector.

Having players who can potentially aim throughout the day and not only in the moments spent in front of a computer represents in fact for online gaming operators the opportunity to multiply the collections.

The favorite games of users remain the same

Users' preferences do not change on mobile as for games: the slot machines continue to be the master, with about 60% of the total episodes, followed as predictable by the roulette and the most famous card games such as Blackjack.

With the arrival of platforms for the game on the move such as Netten Touch and Playtech Mobile, the operators had the opportunity to offer users the same identical games that are available in online casino in classical version, even if in most cases in number minor. This is obviously most of the efforts in the creation of games compatible with smartphones and tablets was primarily made for the conversion of those titles that have collected the greater appreciation by users from PC over the years.

Just as it happened in the past for the classic version, also in the mobile market the attention of the players is mainly focused on the slot machines and the bonuses offered to registration.

Bonus list to play mobile Information on slot machines for mobile

What to expect in 2017

There is a good chance that 2017 marks a definitive turning point in the way of playing online: the exceeding by the 50% threshold in the total expenditure for casino games.

By now most operators are actively engaged in the provision of mobile betting services and those who have stood behind will have to step with the times in order not to lose a very important market segment.

The game platforms for tablets and smartphones will match the classic ones in terms of availability of games and slots, so that the online and mobile versions of the various casinos no longer present any difference: all the services will be accessible in the same way with each device.

Most likely we will also witness a Further increase in promotions and bonuses dedicated exclusively to games for portable devices, with the aim of encouraging players to change their way of playing permanently.

The next step of this evolution could instead concern the level of immersion offered by the games, with the introduction of first mess in virtual reality.