5 films for all lovers of adventures at the mess

saturday 8 july 2017
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Brilliant minds and fortune strokes (or bad luck). These are the "qualities" of the protagonists of these 5 films that put the game in the mess at the center of attention.

The theme of the mess has often been treated over the years as a basic reason for many cinematographic films. There are dozens of films that in the last twenty years have narrated the events of characters with brilliant minds, of individuals kissed by luck or affected by the most black bad luck.

Here is a selection of 5 films that in our opinion made the story of this sub-genre: if you have lost someone, now you can remedy!

Rain Man - The man of the rain

In a film that made the history of cinema, the autistic Raymond, played by Dustin Hoffman and equipped with a particularly brought mind for the calculations, is the protagonist of his brother Charlie's plan (Tom Cruise).

Charlie, submerged by the debts, decides to exploit Raymond's brilliant mind to clear the Casino di Las Vegas. With the arrival of incredible winnings Charlie manages to get rid of the creditors and improve the relationship with his brother. Although the film was shot over 25 years ago (1989), it is an evergreen that has conquered 4 Oscar prizes. We highly recommend vision.

21 (Blackjack)

Our absolute favorite! "21" tells the story (true) of a group of students put together by a brilliant and questionable professor of Mathematics of the EMIT, played by a masterful Kevin Spacey. Their task? Take away from the Casino di Las Vegas speakers huge quantities of money using a complicated strategy to count the cards at the blackjack.

At first things go to swollen sails and everyone manages to pocket a nice sum of money, but it does not go much before the problems begin to come out. A zealous casino security operator, the weight of conducting a double life, the rise of a sentimental relationship and the secrets of Professor Mikey Rosa will put the safety and future of Ben Campbell at risk, the most brilliant of the students.

To see, absolutely! Here more details on the movie "21".

Casino Royale - Do your game

In the twenty -first chapter of the Saga of the English agent 007 James Bond the inevitable struggle between the "good" and the "bad guys" takes place largely in such an exclusive one as epic poker game.

On the one hand of the table the diabolical chiffre, who wants to finance his loyal activities in a game where millions of dollars are up for grabs. On the other, a James Bond too confident, who first loses everything and then manages to recover thanks to the intervention of an unexpected financier and a particularly lucky hand.

A mainly "action" film, but recommended for all Texan poker enthusiasts.

Ocean's Eleven

A stellar cast (Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, George Clooney and Julia Roberts among others) for a film in which, heard heard, the goal of the characters is to empty the caveau of one of the most prestigious mess of the "strip".

Literally. This time in fact, brilliant minds are not used to develop winning game strategies, but to plan and implement a practically impossible theft. A fun movie that leaves a smile on the lips to its epilogue.

The Gambler

The Gambler is the remake of the film "40,000 dollars so as not to die" from 1974. Jim Bennett (Mark Walberg) is a university professor so slave to gambling that he delared his entire capital in a single crazy night.

Submerged by the debts and with the breath of some criminals on the neck, Jim has only one week to try to get out of a difficult situation and leave behind a life lived along the wrong path.