UK, March 2022: +40% of the total gross performance of the total game

friday 24 june 2022
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The world of the game tries to leave after the difficult period that has brought economies around the world to its knees. Try the United Kingdom, drawing up a series of rules and provisions that will serve to improve the health of the entire sector.

This was discussed during a conference on the regulatory of gambling held a few days ago at Westminster Media Forumnull Andrew Rhodes, CEO of Gambling Commission, touched important themes during the event, such as NFT and cryptocurrencies, currently without any norm, protections for consumers, fight against illegality and more severe controls for operators.

In his speech, Andrew Rhodes, illustrated what are the forms that characterize the game in England, placing the emphasis on the trends that, pending the Gambling Act, are developing and that could also be extended to USA and others European countries. The CEO of Gambling Commission specifies that the United Kingdom has the largest online market in the world, with great growth and highly competitive ability, thanks also to the continuous mergers and acquisitions. A model always followed by the sector of Best American online casinos, which represent the second strength at the turnover at European level.

“The four major groups of operators in Great Britain all have an international imprint. In addition, for the first time, they will constitute more than half of the British market based on the gross performance of gambling when the national lottery is excluded. And we expect this trend to continue in the near future "

Rhodes explains, specifying that the pandemic still continues to have an impact on the economy and people, but that the sector is committing to going beyond the problems created by the health crisis.

Rhodes also underlines how, With the abolition of restrictions, the earth's and online game sector is experiencing a good recoverynull The data relating to March 2022 show a 40% increase in the total gross performance of the total game betting of real events in earth's locations.

Duration of sessions and participation falling after the two-year period 2020-2021

The players' behaviors are also adapting to a reality that returns more and more to normal. Online gambling, in fact, saw one decrease in the average duration of slot sessions, which for 21 minutes in the two-year period 2020-2021 has passed to 18 in the last year. A similar trend was noticed regarding the overall participation in gambling, which until March 2022 stood at 43%, increased by 3% compared to 2021 but decreasing by 4% compared to 2020. This derives from the fact that operators are trying to make their market much more fluid, moving from thezzard to models focused more on entertainment, destined to radically change the game experience of the classiche slot machine online.

NTF and cryptovalute

NTF and cryptocurrencies are considered products not yet covered by legislation and by gambling regulations. For this reason The Gambling Commission is warning about the risks deriving from their use. Specific Rhodes:

“The loot boxes in video games attract a lot of attention, but as they will know who of you has already heard of me, we are also concerned about the growing diffusion of NFT, cryptocurrencies and 'synthetic shares' and the boundaries between the products that can be defined and regulated since Gambling is becoming more and more blurred. So, overall, when we look at today's gambling market, we see an incredibly energetic and innovative industry, which is still struggling with the effects of pandemic, which is still looking for areas in which to grow. But one who still has the potential to cause serious damage "

Pathological game at the minimum, but that's not enough

Another theme treated is that of the pathological game. 43% of active players only 0.2% is defined as a problematic playernull Although the data is falling and testify to an improvement in this sense, Rhodes reiterates that Gambling Commission plans to work side by side with the various operators to guarantee an even safer game. In addition, heavy penalties will be introduced for all those who do not adapt to pre -established standards and more resources will be used to combat illegal online gambling.

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