The use of non-Fungible Token in online casinos

thursday 10 february 2022
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Badge, prizes, merchandising and exclusive accesses for fans, with the NFT entering the world of gaming and exports.

In the daily jargon of recent years numerous neologisms have entered the vocabulary of all those who familiarize with the web and its progress in the vocabulary. Among the most used concepts, that of Non-fungible Token, a type of cryptographic token that is exclusive and authentic through an immutable register called Blockchain, without the possibility of therefore being interchangeable.

It is part of it unique, collectibles, even pieces of art that stole among fans, who also use them in gaming. Precisely in this world, theUse of blockchain and NFT leads to the development of new business models for companies in the sector, which at the same time become increasingly attractive and competitive.

The true beauty of the NFT is precisely the versatility, unique elements that can act as:

  • access key of a series of services provided by brands as digital platforms
  • give voting right to a summit summit
  • ensure access to an exclusive event
  • represent the property of a real or digital asset

Non-Fungible Token represent one more and more one Single and precious resource also for gaming and for their future prospects, just think that already some Providers have integrated the NFT in slot machine onlinenull In the dynamics of the Challenge, in fact, they can be purchased as a precious element, bonuses or badge to be exhibited inside the game to have more weapons available than the opponent. At the same time it creates an exclusive sense of belonging to the reference community, giving an important momentum to the newbies and increasingly retaining fans.

Married the NFT idea too The world of Esports, with an increasing number of usual users and in clear ascent in the last two years, aiming at the concepts of uniqueness and personalization, with the ad hoc creation of exclusive elements that refer to their team or interests. Already in 2021 numerous brands such as VeraESports, have introduced The NFT mode for the highlights of the matches which become owned by the fan, together with extra exclusive content and a personalized merchandising.

Even more advanced and ambitious l’idea di Gods Unchained, a card game that transforms every single collectible card into a NFT certified by the blockchain, with properties ImmutableXnull The player thus becomes an exclusive owner of all his card package, having more uses within the game, which he will decide independently without external interference.

Winning strategies to retain the player, rewarding it with prizes - even in the Gambling a similar approach is used, recognizing users who register for the game platforms like i Bonus without immediate deposit - and exclusive content, drawing always new, ambitious scenarios, in step with changes and which explores a very fertile soil still little exploited in its infinite potential. At the same time, competitors are eliminated, creating different and growing game situations.

Similar speech also for the growth of brands, encouraged in new collaborations and synergies to create unique and exclusive products, thus encouraging the gamers not only to monetize but to even more satisfying strategy of the win to winnull The NFT themselves get better even in future perspective, where Metaverse is an increasingly concrete and rapidly expansion concept.

Like any technological tool in becoming, it is right to analyze the other side of the medal, taking into consideration the less convincing elements in the NFT world. First of all, they still don't boast one precise legal location: they are not expressly regulated, with still great uncertainty of the evolution of the same, in the vast sea between utility tokens and security token.

To clarify also i intellectual property rights Long -range: when purchasing a NFT, the owner has a unique property right on that digital asset that will use for example within the gaming which, in turn, has an author of his rights. The same goes for brands that dispense NFT of outfits or branded objects within a game that does not entail the right to export them to another virtual reality, other contexts or other games.

Precisely for these reasons, The NFT introduction mechanism in gaming must be precise and widespread, to ensure the users a crystalline service, unique and without risk. At the moment, however, the future can only smile at Non-fungible Token And to their versatility, with the road that remains more than downhill for the splendid synergy with the world of gaming and for fans all over the world.