A hybrid halfway between Earth and virtual: Onlife

wednesday 12 january 2022
In Igaming and online game

The turning point of the future is to create a bridge between digital and physical. Only in this way can the game continue to thrive.

The turning point of the safe game at the pandemic era is not linked to the physical sector - the traditional and terrestrial one - nor exclusively to the online one, a segment that has acted as a parachute during periods of restrictions and Lockdown. The future, in fact, will be a hybrid, halfway between Earth and virtual: its name will be "Onlife”.

He said it in a recent interview that appeared on the number of Economy Magazine in January, Morgan Ricciardi, Chief Technology Officer of Snaitech, who shown attention to Gambling innovation at the time of the pandemicnull It does so from a privileged point of view, or from the top of a company born in 2015 thanks to the merger between Snai and Cogetech and which immediately focused on integration, development and technology to grow its business.

Since its birth it was clear that the traditional store could no longer be considered separately with respect to digital platforms, such as Snai Casino, but they were two channels that had to act synergistically. In fact, technology has always played for Snaitech an added value, a useful tool to improve the gaming experience, speed, accessibility, simplicity.

Pygital: a bridge between physicist and digital

This is why Ricciardi immediately started investing in the "Pygital", or a bridge between physicist and digitalnull How? Trying to bring the same experiences and sensations of the Earth's sector online and the same sensations, such as sociality and interaction. Ricciardi explains in fact As inside the Snaitech agencies Customers are able to find the sociality and interaction that can be found in physical casinos, but also the typical technology of the world of the Internet: televisori SmartShow, Smart Solution, totem BetSmartnull In short, this is the way of combining more and more two worlds that apparently seem far but which are actually incredibly close.

The real challenge, always says Ricciardi during the interview, was to win the resistance of traditional managers, proposing them great advantages, real advantages that can be repercussions directly on their business. A player who opens an online account, in fact, can be associated with that specific store, allowing the manager to receive ad hoc commissions. Snow and criticized measures but which in reality were fundamental for the sustenance and survival of these agencies during the Lockdown period.

In short, the real turning point of the future is to create a bridge between digital and physical. Only in this way, in fact, can the game continue to thrive.