Sports betting on Iwatch are already reality. In the future perhaps even the mess

wednesday 5 august 2015
In Igaming and online game

Playtech has decided to expand its presence in the "mobile gaming" with the launch of a new app dedicated to sports betting and designed for the new Apple Watch recently introduced on the market.

Initially available for the English game market only as an extension of the Omni-Connet project of the English bookmaker Coral, this new app for Iwatch is unique in its kind.

It allows you to make bets, browse the lists of events in progress or future, consult promotions and receive notifications in real time. With a single touch on the hywatch it is also possible to collect the proceeds of the bets.

Playtech is working at the moment to develop versions of this application that are in compliance with the various rules adopted by the states in which the game is regulatednull In a future not too far, the sports betting app could also be available on the Iwatch on the wrist of the Americans. It remains to be seen if the evolution of this platform will also affect casino games, a sector on which Playtech has been focusing most of the production efforts for years.

Certainly a great step from the technological point of view, a wonder from the point of view of integration, which however leaves us some doubts. The gambling tied to the wrist, at any time of the day and in every place it could lead to really large risks.