The effectiveness of the betting systems in an online casino

saturday 16 aprIl 2016
In Tricks and tips

Let's go back to the question of betting systems to clarify how and how much a game strategy in an online casino can influence the probability of winning the players.

Since gambling has been part of the "culture" of man has been designed, studied and analyzed any type of bet system possible and imaginable to obtain an advantage on the counter in the long term. Unfortunately, however, according to what mathematics tells us, things are not as simple as many vendors of "infallible systems" want us to believe. Will it be a coincidence that Mr. Einstein said that the only way to win with absolute certainty at the roulette is to steal the chips while the Croupier does not look?

A dutiful distinction is that between game method and betting system: a game method, understood as the player's ability to consciously manage his sessions at the games of a mess, is a very positive and indispensable thing in our way of seeing. A betting system is instead a strategy of episode that aims to achieve an advantage on the mess, or at least to minimize the chances of loss. The latter, in many cases, can be truly useless.

Understanding how effective a system to be is not simple, especially for novice "casual gambler". However, let's start with an assumption: In the long term the counter always has an advantage over the player. Point. Online casinos, being a technological transposition of terrestrial casinos, are no exception.

There is therefore no certain method to beat the counter in an online casino. Although many smoking sellers in the eyes strive to advertise their systems as infallible, while it is certain that it is only a mirror for larks. In this regard, many of the best -selling systems on the net are based on the principle of doubling. Well, however theoretically correct, in practice the player who adopts this type of strategies to roulette is lower than a lower chance of victory than a completely random game!

Are the betting systems all useless?

In reality no, in some cases they can still be usefulnull An example is that of Blackjack, in which some game strategies can significantly reduce the margin of the counter until we have almost (we repeat: almost) a probability of 50 and 50.

Although we cannot speak of betting systems, They also exist for the tricks slot machines Which can avoid ending the credit available in a few moments, such as the evaluation of the value of Payout or the presence of promotions that provide for reimbursements on losses or bonuses.

Obviously the game strategies that have some use are only those that have a logical reasoning at the base confirmed by mathematics. All the rest is popular belief: slot that pay in particular situations, numbers that "have to" go out because they have been absent for a long time etc. They are only chatter without scientific foundations.

In summary, we can summarize our point of view on betting systems for online casinos as follows:

  • Never pay to buy systems sold on the net or elsewhere, rather inquire about the subject from authoritative sources, there are many texts on the subject.
  • If you decide to play using a system, first take a test to realize how things work in reality, do not immediately bet everything with closed eyes.
  • Even if it is possible to win in an online casino, sometimes even truly high amounts, always keep in mind that behind a win there is always lucknull The fact that a game scheme makes you winning once it does not mean that the system is working, but that you have had a stroke of luck. Be careful not to believe you can repeat the permanent thing.
  • It is easier to remember a win than a loss. Always keep it in mind if you are usual bettors and always place limits.