Analysis of the Requirements on the no deposit bonuses of online casino

friday 7 august 2015
In Promotions and offers

A question that many users ask themselves is: can you really win money with the no deposit bonuses? The answer is: yes and no. It all depends on the betting requirements for bonuses.

The free bonuses assigned by many casinos to all players who register are certainly a very powerful promotional tool to attract users' attention. In some cases it is only this, an advertising stunt, because it is practically impossible to put in the pocket of the real winnings. In other cases, on the other hand, it is not so difficult to create a real cash win without risking anything.

To make a concrete analysis of what are the requirements applied to the no deposit bonuses and how these requirements can be more or less complicated to satisfy, we have taken some operators as an example that are part of ours Free free bonus list for 2015.

Starvegas: 10 $ with 1x requirement

Starvegas offers a real -depositless bonus. This means that the betting requirement is only 1 time. In other words, everything you win by betting these $ 10 can be taken immediately as a real win.

In this case, getting a win not only is possible, but it is also extremely easy!

SNAI: 10 $ with 10x requirement

Snai offers a 10 $ game bonus with a betting requirement of 10 times. Considering the game contribution table, in order to convert the bonus into real and therefore be able to withdraw the winnings made with it, you must reach a game volume equal to: 100 $ playing at slots (100%), $ 670 playing at Blackjack (15 %) and $ 1000 playing roulette (10%).

This type of requirement is very good and there is a concrete possibility of being able to convert it into real. $ 8 with 30x requirement offers a maximum game bonus of 8 $ with a requirement of 30 times. Here things become a little more complicated, because the conversion into a real bonus in order to withdraw the winnings takes place upon reaching a game volume of: 240 $ playing at slots (100%) or $ 2400 by betting on roulette and Blackjack (10 %).

It is therefore not impossible to establish something concrete, but the probability in favor are not very high.

32Red: 10$ con requisito 50x

On 32red you receive $ 10 free with a requirement of 50 times, a decidedly high value. The necessary betting volume is: 500 $ pointing to slot machines (100%), $ 2500 at roulette (20%) and $ 5000 per blackjack (10%).

In this case it is really difficult to be able to take home a win: the possibilities are minimal.

The calculations that we have made for simplicity are based on the assumption of playing only a type of game. Obviously it is possible to alternate tables and slots at will and the volume of play generated will be accumulated accordingly. We hope to have managed to give you the information necessary to be able to independently evaluate the quality of the free bonuses that online casinos will offer you.

As anticipated at the beginning of the article, some no deposit bonuses are decidedly advantageous, others are rather an advertising sign to be exhibited on banners and websites. In any case, they do not cost anything, you can all try them without problems.