About 13% of the players end the month positively

friday 7 august 2015
In News on games and slots

According to a statistics published by AAMS in 2012 and probably still valid, it seems that 13% of the American casino online players Termini the month in positive.

A percentage that is not surprising at all and showing a situation in which more than 1 in 10 players arrives at the end of the month with a win in the pocket. However, this statistics do not take into account the individual winnings, which probably some players "consume" over the month.

When dealing with the theme of the game on the Internet, with particular reference to online casinos, the opinion of users is often extreme: there are those who think it is impossible to win and those who believe they can hurway without problems. In fact, it is difficult to give a correct interpretation to a number like that "13%", because the factors at stake are manifold (even if, since it is a game of gambling, the number of winners is for the lower deifying of the number of losers ). So let's see What are the factors that can influence the probability of winning in the casino games (on the web) in the short and long term.

The chances of "dry" winning (RTP)

The RTP, the percentage of return to the players, is the main indicator of what are the mathematical probability of winning a game. The greater this value and the more the "pay" game. Different games categories have also very different RTPs. Each casino is free to set the games of the games at will, as long as it is higher than the regulatory limits (for example at least 90% for slot machines). On average, the values are the following for the most common games:

  • Roulette tables have an RTP generally between 95% and 98%.
  • Blackjack games have an average RTP higher than 98%.
  • Slot machines have an average RTP of about 95%null The slot RTP can vary a lot compared to the average value from one month to the other (for example from 75% to 125%).

The type of game: slots, roulette or blackjack?

In addition to the percentage of return to the player, one must take into consideration the way you bet in the different types of play.

Particularly complex game strategies cannot be adopted in slot machinesnull These games are also completely unpredictable. You can get a great win in one fell swoop, you can get many small winnings over time and you can also not win a good.

The roulette is instead the game that lends itself more to the adoption of even complex strategies and methods of gamenull The sorties can be observed and adequate the episodes accordingly. Here the player's experience has a greater impact in maximizing the chances of closing the session with a win.

The Blackjack is finally one of the casino games in which the margin of the counter is lowernull Since the player has the right to take part actively in the game, tables have been studied indicating the behavior to be kept in every possible situation to minimize the advantage of the counter.

The player's attitude

Leaving aside mathematical and game strategies, the most important factor is the player's attitudenull Adopting wrong behavior is certainly the fastest way to stay out of that 13% of winners.

It is important to always keep the amount of money dedicated to the game under control, and it is equally fundamental to know how to understand when it's time to stop playing. It is useless to get a win to lose everything tomorrow.

Tackling this topic is very complex, because we move from technicalities to the sphere of psychology, emotion and subjectivity. However, we can give an example of a game strategy used by some players: we start by playing a set amount, for example 50 $. If you lose, you stop playing for a certain period of time. If you can at least double the balance ($ 100), proceed to withdraw how much the winning more the winning (withdrawal of $ 75, $ 25 to be put at stake). In this way, in case of loss, the damages are limited and in the event of a win, however, it is grossed a figure higher than what was invested.

Also keep in mind a fundamental rule: the withdrawal money does not touch each other. Never cancel an ongoing withdrawal!