What the VIP Clubs and the loyalty programs of online casinos offer

wednesday 2 december 2015
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Practically all online casinos offer their VIP clubs and loyalty programs. What is it, how convenient are and which bonuses can be obtained with them?

The more you play, the more you become "faithful" to an online casino. Every time a player makes a bet in any game of a platform, be it a slot machine, a virtual roulette or a live blackjack table, accumulates a certain amount of game volume (if you don't know what it is, Here you will find more information on the game volume).

The general rule is: the higher the volume of game generated, the more the player advances in his status VIPnull In other words, the casinos "reward" the players on the basis of the amount of the episodes made in the games, sometimes on a monthly basis, in other cases in a cumulative way starting from the first euro bet.

Although each operator assigns a different name to the loyalty (or VIP Club) program, what is usually offered is aset of promotions that may vary between special real bonuses, events for events or travel, in addition to preferential support by the staff of the online casino.

To have a clearer idea than we are talking about, we analyze the loyalty programs of some of the most famous game sites in USA to see what they offer:

Loyalty Programs of PaddyPower, Titanbet and William Hill

The loyalty programs of these 3 online casinos are very similar: playing points accumulate that not only give access to the various VIP levels, but which can be converted into real "cash" bonuses with which to immediately withdraw any winnings made.

By climbing the various VIP levels you can get better and better personalized promotions, until you receive great bonuses on deposits as well as tickets for sporting events or shows. The conversion of the points accumulated to obtain the royal bonuses works as follows:

  • In the Power Club of PaddyPower and in the VIP Club of WILLIAM HILL A point is obtained for every 10 $ bet. At any time it is possible to convert 100 points in bonus with a value of $ 1. So, in practice for every 1000 $ played (regardless of the winning or loser outcome of the games) you can recover a real bonus of $ 1.
  • In the VIP program of Titanbet It is obtained at the lowest level 1 point for every 5 $ bet. Multiples of 200 points can be converted into a real bonus, $ 1 for every 200 points. The difference compared to previous cases lies in the fact that the greater the VIP level reached and the more advantageous is the conversion of the bonus points (at the highest level 1 $ of bonuses for every 140 points).

How does it work in the snai casino?

The loyalty program of Snai online casino It is on a monthly basis and offers players up to $ 1360 per month in real bonus.

As shown on the Snai website, the system is divided into 4 levels:

  • Bonus 10 $, after making $ 5,000 of episodes.
  • Bonus 50 $ (+$ 10), after carrying out an additional $ 15,000 of episodes.
  • Bonus 300 $ (+60 $), after making an additional $ 50,000 of episodes.
  • Bonus $ 1,000 (+$ 360), after making an additional $ 150,000 of episodes.

As can be guessed from the numbers, reaching the brackets above the first is not exactly an easy undertaking.

On starcasinò the VIPs are invited

On Starcasin, participation in the VIP program is not automatic, but by invitation. This means that it is the casino staff who select a small number of players to present personalized offers.

In cases like this, players who move occasionally can hardly have real advantages, as there are no "basic" levels or convertible points.

But in the end ... is it convenient?

Even if we took only a handful of virtual casinos as an example, the information shown can give a rather clear idea of what the general situation is.

Participation in loyalty programs is free, consequently, however, it is convenient to be part of it. Obviously the major advantages are reserved for players who generate a rather high betting volume.

For occasional players, therefore, the only convenience is to possibly convert the points accumulated in small sums of real bonus. For high-roller, that is, players who move high amounts, the advantages can be more substantial.

To know all the details of the various promotions on the players' VIP status, it is necessary to go to the game sites and evaluate the situation on a case -by -case basis.