A bonus or an offer per day with the staercasinò calendar

saturday 17 december 2016
In Promotions and offers

Like every year, the Christmas calendar of Starcasinò returns: with the Christmas promotion from Star until 31 December every day a different offer for all players.

Starcasinò is confirmed as one of the most active online casinos from the point of view of the promotions offered to registered players. In addition to the classic bonuses always available in this month of December, a new promotion has been activated which provides for access to an exclusive promotion every day, until 31 December.

Among the "prizes" discovered every day until now we find The classic storage bonuses with amounts up to $ 50 and percentage of 25%, the most rare bonuses for those playing from mobile, i Reimbursement of any losses in the form of a cashback bonus Up to 20% and the possibility of participating in various slot tournaments. Among the offers, an interesting novelty also appears, called "Win more", which provides for the crediting of a 20% bonus on net winnings made during the period of the day when the offer is valid.

Surely something even more interesting will be proposed by approaching Christmas day, but for the moment it remains a mystery: it is not possible to know the offers of the following days in advance.

The Christmas calendar is available for all Starcasinò players, even those just registered. In this case, it must be noted that the Christmas offer is added to the welcome one, which includes a no deposit bonus for registration with a value of $ 10 and a series of bonuses on the first 4 deposits for a total of up to $ 1000.

How the Christmas calendar works for

Here's how to know the offer of the day and its regulation:

  • The complete calendar is available on the operator's website in the "Promotions" section under the "Christmas from Star" item.
  • Every day one of the hidden prizes is accessible. Just click on the current day to see which promotion is active.
  • By selecting the "Find out more" option, you can read all the information relating to the offer and the conditions applied.
  • In order to activate the promotion, you need to log in to your game account before following the instructions on the page dedicated to this promo.

Is Christmas from Star an advantageous promotion?

Being a promotion consisting of 31 different offers, it is difficult to give a synthetic judgment. Starcasinò is a brand historically known for the large amount of offers available, but not all are particularly advantageous.

Referring to the specific case of the Christmas calendar to be star we see that some promos are interesting, unlike others. For example, the Promo Vinci more in the First Category, which assigns a 20% Fun Bonus up to $ 50 on the net winnings made. On the other hand, the second category are the slot tournaments, whose prizes have decidedly low amounts and too high betting requirements.

For those who play from mobile, however, the 5 $ bonuses could be welcome when depositing and at least $ 20 are deposited at the slots via smartphone or tablet. In this case we also recommend reading our review of Starcasinò for Mobile.

In general we point out that Most of the cash prizes of this promotion are assigned as a fun bonus with episode of 35 times.

We recommend to our users, if interested, to evaluate the offers of the Christmas calendar to be stated by chance, paying attention to the expected terms and the conditions applied.