Live roulette live from a 'real' casino di malta

monday 1 february 2016
In News on games and slots

With the "Salon Privé" and the new Real Casino Roulette, Starcasinò brings a live game to a level: now not only is you played live, but it is done in connection with a real Maltese casino.

It is called "Salon Privè" the latest news proposed by the Casino Online Starcasinò: an online room through which Playing the web at the tables of a real gambling room, the Oracle Casino di Malta.

Compared to a classic live online casino, which looks like an anonymous gaming room in which there are cameras on the tables and staff in flesh and blood, in this case we are talking about a real casino residing on the territory of the Maltese island. An evolution of the concept of "live game", resulting from the collaboration between a classic game room and an oriented operator is betting services through the internet.

Upon registration of an account, Through the Starcasinò website it is in fact possible to access the area that allows you to connect instantly to the tables of the Oracle Casino di Malta: Starcasinò players can thus "support" people who flock to roulette tables, for 20 hours a day. In the same way it is also possible to bet in Blackjack games.

Real Casino Roulette Challenge 2016

To promote the novelty consisting of the Real Casino Roulette, the game of online roulette that allows players to aim for the tables of a real game room in Malta, Starcasinò has organized a dedicated event that is offering 8 Tickets for access to the Malta Real Casino Roulette Challenge 2016 live tournament, each of which gives access to a travel package including a 3-day Malta stay for two all-inclusive people.

The 8 tickets will be distributed from 1 to 28 February 2016 to the players who will create the greatest movements to the Real Casino Roulette in the promotional period. Two tickets will be assigned for each week throughout the month of February.

Interested parties can participate in promotion in this way, according to what reported on the Starcasinò website:

  • Open a gaming account through the Starcasinò website and click on "Participate" in the section dedicated to this event.
  • Make a deposit of at least 50 $ to take part in the qualifying tournament valid for the current week.
  • Make episodes in the game Real Casino Roulette in the current week. Players who get tickets are those who make the greatest game volume.

A video of the Real Casino Roulette in action

This short video shows the live video table of Real Casino Roulette. As you can see, the interaction with the table is possible for both online players (which display a screen like the one shown in the movie), and for players who are at that time inside the Oracle Casino di Malta.

(The fact that the game software shows the sorties before these are visible in the video window is due to a delay in synchronizing the video flow at the time we recorded the movie).