USA in restart, well the online gaming sector

tuesday 31 may 2022
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The Eurispes report was presented in recent days, introduced by Gian Maria Fara, through the choice of an epigraph taken from the history of Rome by Tito Livio, "A certain peace is preferable and safer than a hoped for victory”.

The first jokes are dedicated to the international situation and recent clashes in our continent, whose gravity is added to a global situation already exhausted by the crisis:

"" War ": we would never have thought that the annual presentation of the USA relationship could take place while this terrible word resounds in and outside of us for the events that upset Europe and the world".

The two topics were then resumed and deepened in the subsequent pages of the relationship, whose themes, mirror of social, political and economic current affairs, were analyzed through a dichotomic model:

  • continuity/fracture
  • presence/absence
  • backwardness/modernity
  • ordinary/extraordinary
  • coin/coins
  • Universe/Metaverse

The essays developed for each issue are accompanied by the results of the champion surveys, aimed at obtaining feedback from the population about the object of deepening: trust in institutions, international crisis, energy crisis, relationship with animals, judgment and knowledge of metvers, pandemic, food, etc.

Digital Revolution and Metaverse: New frontiers of the game

The digital revolution is one of the mega trends that the president of Eurispes cites, in all respects - even ambivalent - who drags himself behind. It is no coincidence that one of the chapters is dedicated to Metaverse, which in the last year has represented one of the most important variations of the sector (we also talked about it in the article: From streaming to metvers: how the universe of online games changes).

But before even to review the opportunities of this impalpable parallel universe, scrolling through the relationship in a highly significant data, also in relation to future developments: it has been found that the very young, in the use of music - to be precise 51% of gamers worldwide and 51% of American ones have shown particular interest in participating in virtual concerts on online platforms, such as the events of the social gaming Fortnite and Roblox.

Between the two games who took the most significant steps in virtual reality (also VR) is the latter. It is not difficult to imagine how the influx can increase to this type of dematerialized events, to the accommodation of the technology on which they are based, as the metvers should do. In chapter 6, dedicated to universe/metverso dualism, it is specified how the latter is the result of the intertwining of three branches of technology:

  • Virtual reality (VR)
  • Augmented reality (AR)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

For an exponential growth of interest in virtual activities, the prodromes are therefore present and guarantee a good percentage of success to what can be developed in the metvers, in which the intertwining of the three aforementioned technologies will be able to offer higher and more experiences engaging, thanks to the interactions between the avatars and the faithful reproduction of sensory perceptions.

If technological progress has always focused on the offer of a product - such as a video game or a cartoon - now The goal is to create a real world, within which it will also be possible to include the same video games and many other activities. Virtual worlds are already existing within which you can invest and play.

Think of the case of Decentraland that was born in 2020 and inside which a game casino was openednull It is clear, therefore, that we speak of distorting the methods of use of the game, which can become extremely more engaging than the current possibilities that offer the Legal game platforms.

That the metaves must have an eye for the Gambling is clear: the 39 card of the EURISPES elaborate reports that: "For gambling, 125 billion a year are spent, more than health expenditure" and we only speak of USA.

The data must also be considered in reference to the crisis caused by the pandemic, which also had international reflections that hit the sector in question, with an important translation, throughout Europe, towards the online game.

As far as Betting is concerned, it is mentioned among the major actors of the Sport System, a supply chain that in USA generates, on an annual basis, a value greater than 30 billion euros, contributing for about 2% to national GDP, while the induced contributes for 4%.

Social cohesion for the restart of USA

As mentioned at the beginning, there were references to the current global situation. President Fara said that:

"We are therefore in a moment of crucial passage, in a hub of history full of indeterminacy for the future, and this is particularly worth for us, for Europe".

Remembling the words expressed by President Mario Draghi on 3 May last in Strasbourg, at the European Parliament and sharing the central role of Europe in the international scenario, especially as regards dialogue and mediation.

Recognizing the need for social values and cohesion, even in the presence of opposite forces, Fara said they were aware that:

"There is evidently an USA that works, which is able to express a high quality of action. In short, an USA that is there is ready. And from here you can start ”.