Not all users know how to recognize an unauthorized site

monday 27 december 2021
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One of the practices that has recently been dangerously taking hold among online gambling enthusiasts is to take advantage of illegal sites to playnull In fact, more and more users are entrusted to unauthorized platforms, but the real problem is that Players often rely on illegal sites in a completely involuntary way.

This is the conclusion that the study conducted by the Market Research Institute has come Emg Different on behalf of League game operators on online channelnull The research, which takes the name of "knowledge and perceptions of illegal betting sites", provided for a survey carried out on a Champion of 2000 Gamers from about 700 American municipalitiesnull From the study the difficulty that gaming users today have particular difficulties in distinguishing what the sites that operate in legality and those who live outside of each rule (so -called .com) have actually emerged.

The ban on advertising has helped the rise of illegal sites

Moreno Marasco, president of Logical, the body that deals with representing companies operating in the online games and betting sector in USA, asserts that one of the reasons which leads to the approach of players to illegal sites is in Prohibition of advertising to the game introduced by the Dignity Decreenull These are the words of him:

"The ban on communicating and advertising to which all legal gaming sites are obliged, has opened the way for illegal sites which, not having to undergo any rule, have had and still have their hands free"

The data of the study of Emg Different they say that the 46,7% of the champion studied He knows at least one illegal site, while 11.7% are aware of multiple illegal sitesnull To the spread and knowledge of the Gambling portals contribute word of mouth, advertising on TV, in the newspapers, on the radio, but also advertising on the web and on social networks. Other players, however, they are looking for the platforms to play directly on the internet: half of those who directly rely on the web research illegal sites, while only 38% relocate to sites recognized by the state.

Big flaw of the lovers of online casino games is often the lack of knowledge of the danger which can lead to playing on illegal sites. Well Only 25% of the sample interviewed are aware of these risks, a decidedly low number. 35% of interviewees are convinced that the prohibition of advertising have contributed to making users less informed, while 51% declare themselves quite favorable towards the ban on game advertising.

Starvegas' commitment against illegal game

There are many game operators who work in legality in USA, guaranteeing total transparency to their users and providing all the most updated security devices. To stand out among the most reliable sites there is certainly Starvegas, whose seriousness is guaranteed by the ADM (ex AAMS) license, released to the Greentube Malta Ltd, a company to which the operating online casino in USA is headed.

By virtue of this license Users are protected both from a legal and administrative point of viewnull ADM is in fact an institution in the highest sense of the word and is the only authorized entity in USA to release game licenses for online casino. This implies checks, checks and commitments by the manager, which make the portal 100% guaranteed as regards safety.

To make matters worse, All playing operations on the platform are eco -friendly certified, the independent body that verifies the regularity of the activities carried out by the platforms. Thanks to the work of this third society, Customers are sure that all games are working regularly And that the winning shares reimed in the online casino respect the limits provided for by American law. Furthermore, Starvegas protects its users also regarding the Treatment of sensitive data, using a digital encryption system that "covers" all the most important information that is processed within its web pages.

il System used by Starvegas - operator who also adopts a series of measures useful to prevent the gambling dependence that we have described in this article - and the SSL Method (also used by other leading operators in USA), or "Secure Sockets Layer" (which in American means safe socket level). It is a standard technology that guarantees the safety of an Internet connection and protects the sensitive data exchanged Between two systems, making the reading and modification of the information transferred impossible to computer criminals. A technology that uses algorithms, numbers and mathematics, like the RNG, the automatic generator of random numbers which is the source of the winning outcome of a play.