The number of betting sites and casino blocked by AAMS is growing

wednesday 6 withptember 2017
In Igaming and online game

The blacklist of the Customs and Monopolies Agency concerning the remote game sites reaches 6505 "registered".

Continuing on the path of contrast to illegality in the online gaming sector, the ADM (Customs and Monopolies agency) has Updated the list of inhibited and inaccessible sites by the American public, which now has 6505 between online casino and betting and poker portals.

The sites present in the Blacklist are those that somehow do not respect the rules relating to the game at a distance imposed for players from USA: among them there are therefore both portals that put in place real online scams, both operators and They simply did not require, or received, the license necessary to operate in the American game market.

As communicated on the ADM page dedicated to the contrast to the illegal game (from which it is also possible to access the list of inhibited sites), "In USA, the regulation of the game distinguishes in a univocal way the games not allowed by those allowed; For the former, the absolute prohibition of offer by anyone and in any form, for the latter the offer is subordinated to a specific concession, authorization, license or other authorization title is made forbidden".

The narrow vine lap applied since 2007, which has led to the inhibition of 6505 sites in recent years, has allowed Not only to block the mess and the game services deemed unsuitable or illegal, but also to significantly increase the income for legal gaming sites, with consequent increase in the taxation for the all -benefit of the state. The measures taken from ADM are in fact partly due to the enormous growth of which the Casino Games sector was the protagonist: last shopping reached 440 million and estimates for 2017 speak of around 500 million.

Legality not equivalent to quality

Unfortunately, legality is not always equivalent to quality. All game portals and casino authorized by ADM are reliable from the point of view of the management of transactions and compliance with the published regulations and the rules in force, but but Not everyone offers a sufficient quality level, at least as regards our opinion.

For this reason, we decided to draw up the complete reviews with the evaluation of many online casinos, which we then divided into a list of those that we consider the mess more valid and a blacklist that includes instead the operators to avoid. You can access this information quickly through the following content index:

Why avoid unauthorized sites

The block of sites inhibited by the ADM takes place through the filtering of the user's IP address. For this reason it is very simple to get around this block with specific programs that "hide" the real IP address.

This practice is well documented on the web and simple implementation. However, we advise against putting it into practice, as we advise against focusing on foreign and unauthorized sites, the so -called ".com". The reason is simple: unless you are expert connoisseurs of this world, you cannot know who you are dealing with.