The new frontier of online slots

thursday 14 aprIl 2022
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Why choose them? Accurate graphics, a gameplay similar to that of the best online games, bonus games that allow you to make rich winnings.

Online slot machines have undergone an important technological evolution in recent years, going from simple bar machines to online games like video games.

Several factors have contributed to decree this change, first of all the boom of casino mobile and the adaptation of securities to new devices. The needs of the players are now very high, both at the level of gameplay and when, therefore, the requests of products other than those previously on the market grow day after day.

Today, in fact, the average user is no longer satisfied with the game itself, but also seeks a greater emotional involvementnull For this reason there are more and more software house that have decided to create slot machine online in which the public can recognize and identify itself. One of the most common strategies to create games of this type was that of tighten agreements with the cinematographic housesnull In this way the audiovisual effects, the symbols and mechanics of the game often resume Movies plots, ending up being more intriguing for the players given the intercultural link existing among the various genres of entertainment.

Modern slot machines are characterized by accurate graphics and a gameplay similar to that of the best online games, as well as for a series of bonus games that allow you to make more substantial winnings. These new features are highlighted even more with titles known to the general public (because inspired by famous films).

The Slot inspired by the cinema have the advantage of offering an already defined storyline, in which the player recognizes himself immediately. The symbols of the slots also resume characters and scenes from the film and this only increases involvement. For this reason, in recent years this has been a vein much exploited by software house.

The best Slot Machines of the ADM Casino inspired by the cinema

The cinematographic theme slots are in great demand from the players, for this reason in the online casinos there is a very large offer. Here are some of the most appreciated cinematographic slot machines.

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man, playable on STARCASINO, it is a slot created by Netent and inspired by one of the cult films of Hollywood cinema. Let's talk about the 1933 film of the same name directed by Di James Whale. A remake was also shot, in 2020, with the direction of Leigh Wannell and the participation of Elizabeth Moss and Oliver Jackson, but the slot is prior to this second film.

The Invisible Man is a slot with 5 rollers arranged on 3 lines and 20 payment lines on two directions. The symbols of the game mostly represent the various characters of the film, in addition to the classic alphanumeric symbol. This slot presents two Wild symbols, the policeman (present only on roller 1) and the invisible man (who appears only on the roller 5). When they appear they activate Re Resins, during which a unit move (the policeman to the right and the invisible man to the left) increasing the possible winnings.

The peculiarity of this game is to have no scatter symbols because it is the same Wild symbols that act as scatter. When the two Wild symbols appear simultaneously on the rollers activate 10 rpm for free. At this stage two energy indicators appear on the screen, one relating to the policeman and one to the invisible man. If during the game one of the two is filled is activated, one of the two bonus games with related attached prizes is activated.

Conan slot machine

Are Snai Casino It is possible to play Conan (The Barbarian), slot inspired by the film 'Conan Il Barbaro' by John Milius from 1982 where Arnold Schwarzenegger played the protagonist.

The slot in question was created by Netent and has 6 rollers, 4 lines and 48 payment lines with different bonus functions. It has a Scatter symbol, two Wild symbols (Tower and Battle) and a mystery. The combination of Tower Wild or Battle Wild with a myster generates The Thor Amon functionnull When, on the other hand, 3, 4, 5 or 6 scatter symbols appear on the rollers will activate, respectively, 10, 15, 25 or 50 rpm.

Before starting, the user will have the opportunity to choose which of the three bonus games we want to try their hand between City of Thieves Free Spins, Temple of the Serpent Free Spins e Walls of Tarantia Free Spinsnull Each of these presents different game characteristics and prizes.

Basic Instinct slot machine

Are Leovec You can find the slot inspired by one of the most iconic films of the 90s, let's talk about Basic Instinctnull The slot was created by ISOFTBET and resumes the famous 1992 film by Paul Verhoeven with Sharon Stone protagonist.

This game resumes the legendary scene of Sharon Stone sitting on the stool during the interrogation and transforms it into the bonus symbol of the game. When this appears on the rollers it will be able to trigger one of the three functions. If it appears whole on the third roller it will activate the bonus play inside the slot, where it is possible to win the progressive jackpot.

Two other images of the beautiful Sharon, on the other hand, represent the free spins Wild and Wild Drop symbols. In the first case, when this appears in the whole figure they activate up to 50 rpm for free. The second symboo, always with a whole figure, activates the Jolly function. In this case, the latter slides of a position downwards in the following 2 spins, increasing the opportunities to trigger new winning combinations.

Slot Machine the godfather

One of the most iconic trilogies of Hollywood cinema is undoubtedly the one dedicated to the godfather. Betsoft therefore decided to produce slots inspired by these films. The Slotfather II, playable on many of Best online casinos Americans, it is a clear reference to Il Padrino Part II of Coppola shot in 1974 which sees, among others, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro among the protagonists.

While not tracing the plot and the characters of the Coppola film, this slot gets appreciated for the compelling game structure. It is a slot with 5 rollers and 243 payment lines which has a scatter symbol (represented by a van full of money) and bonus symbols (represented by gangster) that can vertically occupy the entire episode line.

Three or more scatter symbols allow you to activate the free spins bonus. If instead on the rollers they appear from two to four gangsters, renTs are obtained. Three equal gangsters symbols, finally, give the possibility of taking advantage of the gangster feature with the possibility of winning rich prizes.

Wandering Planet slot machine

One of the latest videooslots based on a movie is Wandering Planetnull This slot is based on the film Wandering Earth Of the Chinese director Frant Gwo and was produced by Dream Tech.

In this game the characters of the film act as basic symbols and there is a very interesting winning structure. In fact, while presenting itself as a slot with 5 rollers and 50 payment lines, At each win the rollers move to the right and the symbols that have come out remain friednull In this way the fifth roller disappears from the screen and is replaced by a new roller that appears on the left. With a single token, you therefore have the opportunity to collect multiple winnings.

This slot is also equipped with a Wild symbol and a scatter. The Wild, represented by a mysterious stone and acts as a classic joker. The Scatter, on the other hand, is depicted by a planet. When at least three runs appear on the rollers they give the opportunity to obtain 6 Respin. However, for the winning mechanism, it is possible that these rejects are also repeated for three or four times, increasing the chances of bonuses.