We dispel some myths on slot machines and online slots

tuesday 01 june 2021
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The slot machines are currently the casino game in which players bet most often, both online and in the rooms in the area. So let's see what are the false myths circulating about the slots, analyzing the real probability of winning.

In all casino games, but above all in the scope of slot machines, knowing how to evaluate with the right perspective the real probability of winnings helps to maintain a decisive control and a moderate attitude towards the game.

Over the years, a series of myths and legends have been created around the slot machines that can push players to think they can somehow influence the fortune or the chances of victory. This, we are sorry to admit it, it is not possible.

We therefore analyze some of these false myths and we see later what are the real possibilities to bring home a win by playing at the slot machines, with particular reference to the slots in the online casino on the web.

Myths on slot machines and online slots: all hoaxes!

  • There are slot machines and lucky machines, "hot" or "they have to pay".
  • Operators can change the "on the fly" payment percentages if a player is winning.
  • After a series of unfortunate games, a win must arrive.
  • After a win, the slot machine will no longer pay.
  • If you touch a winning combination several times, a big win is coming.
  • You can find a system to beat the slot machines with absolute certainty.
  • If a bonus game, a special function or the free spins have not come out for long, they will come out within a short time.
  • External factors such as game hours and positive presentiments can change the chances of victory.
  • All these statements are false!

    In online slot machines games and video races each play is absolutely independent of the previous ones! Let's deepen this topic below.

Royal winning probability to slot machines

The chances of winning at slots and as well as other casino games depend on several factors, which players cannot control.

In fact, the slot machines are not part of the so -called "skill games", such as poker, in which player's abilities can actively influence victory.

Slot games are simply based on luck, payout and payment frequencynull Payout is a value that indicates the percentage of total collections that is returned to players in the form of winnings. For example, if an online slot machine has a 90% payout (the minimum valid limit to adhere to the legislation imposed by AAMS), it does not mean that every time you make a bet you will receive 90% in winnings, but that in general in a cycle Complete with all possible combinations, the slot will return 90% of what was collected. The payout values of each game are different and they can also vary very much with each other.

The reason why many of the myths we have mentioned previously are false is that Online slots and videolottery have no memories or consciousnessnull The games are independent of the previous sorties for a technical and mathematical question. In the same way, the slot does not know how much a player has played, lost or won in a certain period of time.

The explanation is quite simple, especially as regards the online casino slot machines: an algorithm that is part of the program of the slot machine (RNG, Random Number Generator) generates every second one thousands of different possible combinations, some winners and other losers. When the player starts the game, one of these combinations is accidentally "caught", the outcome of which is therefore totally random. This process continues over time without stopping, which is why there is no correlation between consecutive games. This makes it clear how all rumors and myths on the slots are only the result of an incorrect knowledge of the topic.

To say it in an unorthodox way ... Winning to Slot Machines is a pure question of "factor C"! The only other factor that can be controlled by a player is that of choosing a game that has a payout value as high as possible. It doesn't matter how much or how it may have won (or lost) a player previously.

Less risks with the right way of thinking

Slot machines are classified as one of the casino games with the highest risk of addiction to players. This is only due in part to the game modes, very simple and repetitive, because an important factor is also the way of thinking of the player himself.

Following false myths can in fact instill the wrong beliefs in people who can lead to out of control money lossesnull Let's do a couple of examples in this regard:

I am an informed player, I believe in mathematical probability and not to legends. I decide to play in a controlled way, I limit myself to a maximum expenditure of $ 50 per week, which falls within my possibilities. I decide to try the thrill of the game, deposit $ 50 in a mess and choose a slot. I enjoy, although unfortunately I did not want to accept the loss and I decide to stop playing, taking care of what has been previously decided. I dedicate myself to other activities. The following week, another $ 50, I play slots and if I am lucky I bring home a win.

I am a player who believes in rumors about slot machines. I don't pay close attention to the choice of the amount to be played, even if my possibilities are limited. I access an online casino and deposit $ 100. I play a slot and I don't win anything. I am convinced that sooner or later I will have to win something! I play another $ 100 and I lose. Well, sooner or later those free spins will have to go out, right? I play another $ 100. If I don't win I get angry, maybe I am looking for a method to burn the slots on the internet, I find it and ... I lose again. I have now entered a vicious circle and when I stopped I lost too much, because I did not keep control and I didn't adopt the right way of thinking.

The slogan of our website is "Winning is better!". Know that you win against the game when you control it completely and not when you are checked by it. In conclusion, we can say that:

  • Large sums, small sums, or not win at all can be won at slots.
  • The player can only rely on luck and payout.