Gonzo's Quest will be the first VR slot signed Netten

wednesday 8 february 2017
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Netent, leader in the supply of products for the online casino sector, has announced the development of the first slot machine for real money in virtual reality. The first VR Slot will be Gonzo's Quest.

It was only a matter of time before the big names in the online entertainment sector regarding casino games made their official entry into the world of virtual reality. After the first signs that presaged the arrival of the Online casino in virtual reality, here Netent announces with an official press release the commitment in the creation of Slot Machine in VR.

The first game to be available for real money and usable with the now well -known VR viewers will not be an absolute novelty, but A conversion of the famous Gonzo's Quest Slotnull The choice of this title is certainly not accidental: Gonzo's Quest Not only represents one of the most famous games of the Nettent casino games, but the character who is the protagonist is an explorer, a pioneer who will represent the first step of society in the virtual reality market.

The CEO of Netent, for Eriksson, commented: "We are firmly convinced that virtual reality (VR) will play an important role in the future of online gaming, based on our research and the trends that we have monitored. Our goal remains to provide the definitive gaming experience by making the first step towards the development of our first VR slot for real money. It will be a milestone for Netent and the game industry."(The complete press release is available Who)

Netent is therefore convinced that the times are mature for the meeting between online casino and virtual realitynull The first prototype of this new generation of slot machines will be previewed at the 2017 Totally Gaming Ocel which takes place in London in these days. As for the actual availability for players, there is still no certain information.

What changes with virtual reality compared to today's slot machines

The use of VR viewers combined with a new generation of slot machines will certainly have a Great impact regarding the game experience, which will certainly be much more "immersive".

In fact, the real novelty will not be so much to be able to "wander" in a three -dimensional virtual environment in which to choose a game as if you were in a real casino, but rather to have new concept slots available. We don't know how far the first projects will go, but The interaction with the games will certainly be very different from the simple "click".

The risks related to addiction will also be to be assessed: a more immersive game experience can be more alienating, with the risk perhaps greater than the hour of losing control by the players. Perhaps this time it would be better this time to anticipate technologies and place limitations, but these assessments are up to those in duty.

The Netent company

Netennt AB is a Swedish leading company in the development and supply of digital products related to the online game industry. It provides game solutions to many of the most successful online casino operators worldwide.

Since its inception in 1996 Nettend has taken on the role of pioneer in the sector, developing games based on state of art technologies. The company is listed on the stock exchange on the Nasdaq index and takes over 900 people in various cities scattered around the world.

For some years the quality of this brand has also been appreciated in USA: there are already many in fact Casino who adopt the Netent platform.