SNAI online casino: new site, new structure and new games for mobile

thursday 4th february 2016
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Snai's online casino is enriched with a new website, casino games to play from Mobile and a special bonus for the new slot machines.

Snai has recently made available the new website that allows you to access all the betting services offered via the Internet, including in addition to betting and card games, also casino games and slot machines.

The most interesting novelty undoubtedly concerns the compatibility of the website with tablets and smartphones: from now It is possible to focus in the games of the Snai casino from Mobile, through a web app accessible directly with a browser without the need to download and install the individual apps available so far.

The organization of games and slot machines has also been improved, now more accessible and collected in only two sections, called "Casino" and "Slot". Remain instead The bonuses offered to new members unchanged, which initially include two game bonus, one 10 $ without deposit and one of 100% up to $ 1000 on the first deposit. These promotions are then supported by two special promotions dedicated only to some slot machines.

Since the news is not always welcome by the players, Snai has thought of However, leave the "old" version of the website availablenull Players who are not good with the new graphic design and with the new organization of games can in fact connect to the Snai website and choose later to access the previous version. We don't know how long this feature will be available.

The new organization of games and slot machines

One of the defects that we had noticed in the organization of the game platform and the Snai casinà was the excessive fragmentation in different sections.

Now all the games related to the casino have been grouped in only two sections: "Casino" contains the classic tables and card games, while in "slot" there are all the slot machines playtech, Netten and based on other game software.

Since Snai offers different promotions for different games, all The tables and slot machines were marked with a different color, so that users are able to understand which games are valid for the various promotions. Here is the subdivision:

  • Banda Blu: Tavoli a slot machine planetch.
  • Banda Verde: Slot Machines Netent
  • Yellow Band: games and slot machines of other software producers

For example, the 10 $ no deposit bonus is valid only for blue games, while that of $ 10 real + 50% of cashback is reserved for green slots. The details on the validity of the promotions are available on the Snai website.

Web App of Snai Casino for tablet and smartphones

One of the major deficiencies of the Snai casino so far has been the absence of a version of the casino for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, increasingly used by American players to bet online.

Finally the Casino Snai Mobile It is now available as a web app: just connect with a portable device to the Snai website to have immediate access to the games and the complete management of the account, without the need to download and install the dedicated apps for each game from the official stores.

The availability of games is very good, at the levels of the best competing operators. You notice some small flaws in navigation, "youth" problems that in all probability will be solved within a few days.

Rock Your Bonus: promozione per la slot Guns N'Roses

To "celebrate" all the newly introduced news, Snai has made available a New $ 10 bonus for the Guns'n Roses slot machine.

In fact, the Rock Your Bonus promotion provides for the crediting of a real bonus worth $ 10, which can be spent in any game game, for all players who make at least $ 50 episodes at the Guns'n Roses slot.

The bonus, although not taken, allows you to obtain real winnings that can be withdrawn at any time. This offer is added to the one already present for the "green slots", that is, a further real bonus of $ 10 delivered with the formula "Games $ 10 and take 10 $".