Third edition of the competition on the responsible game organized by the Spanish Once

sunday 16 august 2015
In Igaming and online game

The direction of Once, a Spanish Association without profit for the support of the blind and other people with disabilities, has called the 3rd international competition for research on responsible game.

Once the commitment to organize this competition aims to develop strategies and tools capable of preventing or minimizing the negative effects related to the game in all its forms, online or not.

The research conducted in this area is closely related to the assessment of the risk of dependence linked to participation in various gambling: based on the characteristics of the games themselves, environmental and psychological or social factors, therefore, we try to understand which games they have A greater probability of being used improperly and "immoderate".

The prize scheduled for the winner of the competition is $ 30,000, regardless of the budget for the realization of the project.

There are no restrictions for participation in the competition: They may present their projects of natural or legal persons of any nationality, following the most disparate methodological approaches, as long as technically achievable and consistent with the guidelines of the competition. The only rule to be respected concerns the language with which the project must be presented, which can be, chosen, English or Spanish. Groups of researchers can also participate, with the only request to explicitly appoint an individual as a project manager.

The deadline for submitting your application is December 31, 2015null After this date, a commission of experts in the sector will examine the various proposals received and will make the winner known during the first quarter of 2016.'s invitation

The team invites American operators in the game sector and experts in the field of prevention and treatment of pathologies related to gambling to participate in the initiative promoted by Once and to organize similar competitions also in our country, in the 'interest to spread social education towards responsible game

In fact, we believe that the dissemination of a correct culture towards gambling can be much more effective in the long term of other interventions aimed at limiting the circulation of information and advertising relating to the legal game, running the risk of feeding even more Illegal and not controlled game.

The winners of the previous editions

The first edition of the Once Competition for the responsible game was won by the University of Deusto with the project "Factors that facilitate dependence behaviors between young people and teenagers".

The second edition, on the other hand, saw the Faculty of Psychology of the Complutense University of Madrid as the winner of the Prize, with the work entitled "Development of an online professional system for identification and intervention on the problems related to the game".

For more information on the initiative we refer you to Dedicated page on the official Once website (in Spanish).