The new face of the online casino Starcasinò

friday 25 withptember 2015
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The new advertising campaign "Starcasinò will start on 27 September. Now I know!" On TV, web and printing. What does the new advertising campaign conceal?

An investment of around 3 million euros for the new Starcasinò advertising campaign, which will be disclosed for 3 months, starting from September 27, with a spot on national TV and through other media channels including the web and the press.

Starcasinò, the American proposal of the Betsson online giant giant regarding casino games, has undergone a series of profound changes over the past few months. A 360 degree development that culminates with a truly expensive marketing campaign, an evident sign of the desire to beat the fierce and numerous competition in a sector that is proving to be increasingly growing.

The central pivot of the entire marketing operation seems to be the television spot, created by the production company "The Family", of which we report the description as per the official press release of the operator:

In the nice spot, the protagonists, immersed in an surreal "interrogation" atmosphere, play a hit and captivating response, which reveals the offer of the online casino. The uncertainty, with which the "player" hesitates in the responses, is the pretext for the beautiful Ludovica Martini to solicit his memory with an elegant slap with glove that helps him to remember that the many "stars" available on the market is that of storcasin to allow him differentiated and safe fun.

Behind the new advertising campaign there is a profound renewal of the entire structure of the casino, not only on a superficial level with a new graphic design, but also in the offer of new promotions and games for all platforms.

The news on Starcasinò: bonuses, offers and promotions

We brigade ourselves to take a little more in -depth look at the new Starcasin promotions in terms of games and bonuses offered to the players, compared to what was reported in the official press release.

We have also made an evaluation of this operator: for all the information you can read the Starcasino Review.

The first interesting news concerns the Availability of Netent games also for Mobile, through the Netent Touch platform. Starcasinò has always represented one of the largest Casino that use Netent software And it does not surprise us that it was one of the first to make the new platform for the ever -growing number of users of smartphones and tablets available for American players.

All welcome bonuses have also been updated, that is, the "one -off" offers reserved for new members. The current promotional system provides for the following forms of bonuses:

  • $ 10 free, no deposit, to registrationnull The credit takes place in two parts: $ 5 immediately, the other $ 5 after sending the document.
  • 200% up to $ 100 on the first cash paymentnull The credit available is in fact duplicate (with a deposit of $ 20, 60 $ can be aimed). Obviously there are conditions, including a betting requirement of 35 times. However, it is possible to withdraw the winnings made with the $ 20 REAL Credit at any time.
  • Another 3 bonuses (50%, 50%, 50%) on the next 3 deposits, with the same conditions, for a total of $ 900 (1000 $ including the first bonus).

In addition to these, many other promotions should be reported that stairs makes available continuously on a weekly and monthly basis.

Another aspect that has been renewed is the graphic design of the entire website. Although it is not a fundamental intervention from the point of view of the players, the new graphic design is very simple, "clean" and well structured. The site is functional and it does not seem to be present problems of slowdowns or disconnections, as sometimes happened in the past.

It seems a bit neglected, however, the aspect linked to the responsible game: even if Starcasinò uses all the tools, systems and notices necessary to adhere to the rules in force imposed by AAMS, we would like that greater care was dedicated to this aspect, perhaps starting from the construction of a more complete responsible game area and visible. For our part, as always, we advise you to play with our heads and only for fun!

We also hope that, with a view to the protection of minors, the advertising spot is aired at times that really minimize the possibility that the youngest are sitting in front of the TV ... we will be seeing.