Up to 60 $ in bonuses and double loyalty points with 'bonus under the umbrella'

friday 15 july 2016
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Three weeks, until July 31st, to obtain two bonuses of $ 30 each and double loyalty points with the new summer promotion of Starcasinò bonus under the umbrella.

The Starcasinò online casino has recently launched a new summer promotion that will be valid until 31 July 2016. In this period the players will have the opportunity to win Two weekly bonuses worth $ 30 Ciscunonull Furthermore, for the third week of the promotion, double Starpoints are planned (the fidelity points of Starcasinò) for the latest Slot Machines games.

The promotion provides for the active participation of the player: during the first two weeks, in fact, users will be able to obtain bonuses by overcoming some challenges or solving the riddles proposed by the mess. It should be noted that participation is subject to the minimum payment of $ 20 in real money.

First week: complete the 7 challenges

Until July 17, players are testing with 7 different challenges. For each challenge passed, a part of the overall bonus is received, until the total prize pool of 30 $ is reached.

The proposed challenges consist essentially in pointing the amount requested in the games indicated by the messnull Below is a table showing how bonuses are assigned during the first week:

Second week: solve the 7 riddles

In the week from 18 to 24 July, 7 different riddles are offered. As in the previous case, The solution of each riddle will guarantee the crediting of an increasing bonus.

In practice, to obtain the bonuses, users will have to bet what is required on different "miserable slots", whose name is the solution to the proposed investigation. For each level exceeded the bonus increases and the player can move on to the next, until the maximum expected of $ 30 is obtained.

The following list shows how to get bonuses during the second week of promotion:

Third week: Starpoints doubled

During the third week from 25 to 31 July there are no bonuses, but Starpoints points doubled in some games. The points allow you to climb the VIP levels of the Starcasino online casino so as to obtain greater advantages and customized promotions.

Here are the games and slot machines indicated (the latest news introduced by Starcasinò):

Terms and conditions of the promotion and bonuses offered

Here are the terms and conditions relating to the bonus promotion under the umbrella:

  • The bonuses are disbursed immediately after completing the required action and access to each level is subject to the conclusion of the previous level.
  • The bonuses are accredited as fun bonus with 35 -time betting requirement for the conversion into a royal bonus.
  • To access the promotion it is necessary that the players click on "Participate" on the Starcasinò website page relating to the offer and that carry out a deposit of at least $ 20.
  • The games made with the bonuses already received contribute to the achievement of the requirements in subsequent challenges or in the subsequent riddles.

For the complete list of conditions applied to the promotion and general terms of the online casino Starcasinò referring to the operator's official website.