Starvegas, tools to guarantee the safe game: measures to be adopted

wednesday 24 November 2021
In Igaming and online game

Starvegas offers its users excellent tools to prevent the game addiction and play for fun responsibly.

Gambling can expose players to the risk of developing dependence pathologies linked to the gamenull Although these problems seem to arise very rarely, it is good practice to recognize its symptoms to be able to intervene in the event of suspicion of dependence on the game. Normally the game is designed to be considered as a leisure or entertainment activity.

Some form of dependence begins to be born when a player starts playing only for the purpose of winning money or recovering what was previously lost. Those who are suffering from ludopathy very often think they are lucky, that they have special qualities or that their destiny is about to change at any momentnull All this triggers a vicious circle against the player, who will begin to bet and lose increasingly high sums.

Signs to recognize play addiction

There are some alarm bells to be taken into consideration in case of ludopathy. Thanks to these signals you can find out if you have a game problemnull Usually those who are suffering from addiction neglects your family to give yourself to the game, sometimes by dedicating much more time to it than expected and thus ignoring other commitments and responsibilities. The continuous expenses related to the game and the impossibility of being able to stop you can lead to quarrels with the partner.

Very often the pathological player points sums of money that would instead be intended for the family: rent/mortgage, school/university, medical care, food, clothes or heating. Situations in which the one suffering from ludopathy thinks that the game represents the only chance to be together with people who understand it.

Sometimes you get to think about the game or the next bet even when you are busy with your family, work or in company. The ludopath consider the game as the possibility of gain And he is not afraid to approach the game during working hours, even if this could lead to dismissal.

How to play responsible

Normally the game is a pastime that gives players fun and exciting moments. Usually, the duration of the game and the episodes are decided consciously. It is not at all difficult to adopt a conduct that marries with the Responsible game, ed It is good to use different precautions in order not to lead to pathology cases.

It is useful, first of all, to fix a loss limit and respect it. Important is maintain awareness that it is just a game, this will reduce the chances of losing control and helping to keep the risk low. We must try not to be given money to bet and set a time limit, with as many breaks.

It is essential to maintain a balance between the game and the other activities. We need to avoid the game when you are stressed, depressed or not totally lucidnull Finally, it is good to bet only money put aside for this purpose without subtracting it from that reserved for daily needs.

Measures to prevent the dependence on the game

Starvegas has made useful measures available to prevent gambling addictionnull By means of the "payment limit", the player is imposed on the obligation to indicate a monthly payment limit once recorded on the site. The practice of self -exclusion It allows the player to block the game account for a limited period (24 hours, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month, for a number of days of choice of the player) or unlimited (which can then be canceled).

For the duration of the block, it will be impossible to play and make payments on the account, but you can partially or totally collect your winnings. This protocol is currently also adopted by all the best American online casinos (more information).