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tuesday 01 february 2022
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In the current online casino market (and not only) choosing the right strategy can make the difference between bankruptcy and success.

All companies on the market, not only those of online gambling that must deal with ruthless competition, to keep the company's finances solid or to increase their turnover need to draw up one winning marketing strategynull Establish company objectives It is essential to direct the growth of the company and establish a correlation with consumers, thus becoming competitive on the market.

All the companies that have reached a good level in their reference market, follow the guidelines studied and precisely, dedicated to the marketing strategies to be adopted to achieve the set goals. The first of these objectives is always to acquire new customers to increase the sales of the products or services offered. THE products must then be advertised adequately with special campaigns, as well as purchases must be supported on the new proposals. It is also important to work to ensure that the brand manages to earn a good position on the market and then consolidate it. In the end, It is essential to strengthen loyalty with customers acquired.

Research indicates how activities managers have 65% of the possibility of selling their goods to those who have already tried it and then bring a customer back to spending on his channel. Acquire new customers, according to statistics studies applied to marketing, It costs on average 15% more Compared to how much it costs to encourage an old buyer to return to spend at the same sales channel.

Whether to attract a new clientele or hold an already fond audience, entrepreneurs they implement well -targeted marketing strategiesnull Marketing campaigns created within a complex, dynamic and unpredictable market which is that D today, in which all companies are forced to operate in a historical moment in which globalization is the master: The Gambling and online casino sector is no exception! Below we briefly analyze the most winning strategies implemented by the best gambling operators.

Welcome bonus

Among the most used marketing techniques on the web there is the one that provides for a Welcome bonus For all customers who record or buy on a certain site. The strategy behind this bonus is that of have all users try the quality of the service offerednull This strategy allows you to increase trust towards a portal not yet known and create that fundamental loyalty relationship for companies but also for the customers themselves.

All users who register for the first time to an online casino, for example, receive a voucher (usually consisting of a percentage on the deposit carried out) of the value of various hundreds of euros and up to 1000 $.

The Purchases via the web are increasingly widespread, also thanks to technological evolution. This led to an increase in the offer towards an ever wider slice of customers. That's why companies foresee Welcome bonus or coupon on the occasion of the first purchasenull Zalando and Ebay are among the first companies that have carried out this type of marketing strategy, raising the number of buyers over their platforms over the years.

No deposit bonus and free spins

Online casino operators (but also of betting) have conceived different types of offers that undergo the players. The most widespread are i Bonus without immediate deposit which consists of a credit offer that is granted to the players at the time of registration and validation of the gaming account. Usually the value of the bonus without immediate deposit goes from a minimum of $ 10 per maximum of $ 100 of voucher given to all new registered customers.

Another widespread practice among the game platforms that offer slot machines is that of Free laps concession (commonly called free spins), also in this in most cases accredited without the obligation to carry out a first deposit of money. Methodology that allows you to try the slot chosen to play users, guaranteeing flexibility, fun and convenience. The number of free games granted usually varies from 30 to 250 rpm for free, whose value oscillates and 0,10 $ in 0,20 $.

Marketing strategy applied to multiple sectors

Many companies, especially those that boast high quality standards, try to retain their customers by aiming on programmi business which give access to various exclusive services.

Companies try to attract customers by offering them particular benefits. To use this type of strategy are for example airlines, which offer their customers advantages such as: access to reserved waiting areas, boarding from preferential entrance gate, the possibility of being able to take advantage of personal assistance on board.

I Best online casino which have gained high prestige over time, they offer the most faithful users (those who play the most and for more time on their platform) of the so -called VIP programs that recognize privileged treatments to players:

  • access to custom bonuses
  • a dedicated assistance service
  • Participation tickets to exclusive events and many other aging

There is no shortage Banking and financial institutions who try to grab wealthy customers with the promise to reward their loyalty with exclusive services that may vary from the convention with gyms, cinemas and restaurants, up to real discounts on the purchase of air tickets or on the purchase of an ' car.

Of fundamental importance in the current market are the details: choose the right marketing strategy can make the difference between failure and success.