On 888Casino a prize of the value of an iPhone X during the Christmas period!

sunday 24 december 2017
In Promotions and offers

"Ghiacian treasures" is the new promotion available on 888casino.it for all players and allows you to win a prize equal to the value of an iPhone X, a gift that everyone would like for this Christmas!

With the offer of frozen treasures, the online casino of the 888 brand provides a Daily prize up to $ 500 in Game Bonus, a Royal bonus superprise of 1200 $, equal to the value of a brand new iPhone X (who does not know the function of the bonuses well, are available Here an in -depth analysis).

The promotion follows the regulations already provided for other previous offers of this operator: players are communicated by e-mail of daily "missions" to be done, upon completion of which it is possible to participate in a mini-game in which to collect, randomly, one of the 6 objects necessary to achieve the final superpremium.

The daily "missions" are available for both the Casino and that sport section and consist in achieving certain objectives chosen by the operator. An example could be to reach a certain volume of the slot game.

In the period from 22 December 2017 to 28 December 2017, a special welcome bonus is also scheduled for new players who replace the classic one, of which you find more information in the Review by 888Casino.it.

How to win the superpremium

To win the final prize, the players must be able to collect all 6 objects planned by the promotion, participating in a mini-game that assigns them in a random way, that is, randomly.

Access to the mini-game is allowed only once a day, after completing the daily mission of the casino or that sport.

As mentioned above, the missions are communicated to the players who have joined the promotion by e-mail, so do not forget to check the e-mail box if you want to have the opportunity to win 1200 $ in real bonus!

The 6 objects to collect have different chances of being drawn, in particular (estimated):

Object Chance
Boots 1 are 4
Coat 1 are 4
Knife 1 are 4
Hook 1 are 8
Harpoon 1 are 8
Diamante 1 are 18,000

As you can see from the table, it is not difficult to collect the first 5 objects, but for the diamond you need a nice stroke of luck!

The video of the promotion of frozen treasures

The official video presentation video follows, published by 888Casino.it.

Some terms and conditions

  • To participate in the promotion, the player must carry out cash deposits from time to time of at least $ 20, using one of the valid bonuses.
  • They are scheduled for the new players of the special bonuses which in some periods replace the "classic" welcome ones.
  • Any bonuses can be assigned not immediately but within 72 hours from the moment in which the conditions of validity are reached.
  • Game bonus have a 30 -time episode requirement, while the real bonuses have a betting requirement of one time.
  • The frozen treasures offer can be subject to changes at any time and without notice, then check the regulation when you decide to participate to be sure that the information is correct and updated.

The complete regulation of this promotion, which we recommend reading to those interested, is available in full form at the address: https://www.888.it/promozioni/inverno-2017/.