Only luck counts to the slots, but some tips can come in handy

updated: monday 19th july 2016
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Slot Machines are the most popular casino game game ever. There are no strategies or methods to be applied in a scientific way, but some correct behaviors can maximize the chances of obtaining a win, or at least minimize those of a loss.

Premise: if you are looking for a 100% safe system to burn the slot machines, perhaps by identifying recursive patterns, this article will not satisfy your hunger for money. There is no safe method to win at slots.

The outcome of the slot machines betting depends only and only on how luck turns. As much as many players are convinced of the contrary, there is no system or method that can guarantee a winnings to slots. In the slot games in fact The outcome of each game is totally independent of the previous ones And this is a mathematically valid fact, which is why all the legends surrounding the world of slots have no foundation.

The superstition and the search for recurring situations can be very harmful, as they place the player in a mental condition in which the idea of a completely unfounded imminent winnings develops. Here are the advice that in our opinion can improve the experience of players in this type of online games.

The impossibility of elaborating mathematical strategies is part of the charm of slot machines. In fact, these games are appreciated by those players who simply want to have fun, without having to follow complex episodes. Despite this, There are some aspects to consider well when playing the online slot machines. So here are our tricks and advice in this regard:

Check the Payout of the slots where you want to bet

Online casinos publish by law the chances of winning every game. Although it is not possible to see the exact value of the payout for the current month, the indications of the previous months can give the idea of what the average of the winning percentages set for a certain slot machine is.

Evaluate the payment of the winning combinations and the number of symbols

Each slot machine has a table that shows the value of the winning combinations and the number of symbols of the slot. The slots in which the combinations are paid most are always preferable. On the other hand, on the other hand, for the number of symbols, which must be as low as possible. Many bonus games such as free spins are activated when three or more scatter symbols appear on the wheels. In this case, the slots that pay the combinations of two scatter symbols are preferable. Otherwise, the presence of two runs on the game screen has the only effect of decreasing the probability of making other winning combinations.

Check if promotions are available that provide for reimbursements

Often online casinos offer promotions that provide for the reimbursement of a part of the money bet in the event that the player gives the game session with a loss, the so -called "cashback bonus".

Focuses on all available lines

In the most modern slot machines, the highest winnings can derive or from the bonus games, or from the free spins, free play in which the winnings are often multiplied, as well as the joker symbols that can appear on the wheels. By focusing on all available winning lines you can massive the chances of obtaining good winnings during free spin and special games.

Choose the amount to bet smartly

The amount to be bet for each lap of slot machine should be calculated based on the budget available. The goal is to be able to make a fairly high number of games, but ensuring that it can make significant winnings.

In Esmedio, with a budget of 10 $ a total amount of episode for each spin could be $ 0.20 or $ 0.40 (from 50 to 25 total games). With a $ 50 budget it can be increased up to $ 1 or $ 1.50. These considerations are obviously subjective.

Keep eye on the balance and remain calm, always!

The greatest risks to be encountered by playing at slots are those not to keep the available balance under control or lose calm. In each of these cases there is a risk of playing more than initially expected. In this case, the advice is to choose an amount in advance and limit yourself to that, without making deposits in series to satisfy the "craving" to continue playing, even when it is clear that the series is negative.