The risks for the youngest and solutions

saturday 12 february 2022
In Igaming and online game

The growing involvement of young people who are passionate about video games and online games, kicked off the entry of crime on forums, chat and dark web for new drug supply channels.

In recent years there has been one always growing tendency of the use of video games and online games - among which they also fall slot machine online e casino games - Helped from the push of Lockdown and pandemic restrictions, who forced millions of people home.

The most evident figure emerges from how the online video games and games have embraced an increasingly heterogeneous audience, divided into age groups and interest. The pioneers remain the youngest, always in step with the fashions and news in the sector, which only record In 2021 an increase of 148% for the new generations of console. These young people deepen game systems and techniques via app, direct, chat and interactive forums.

If the gaming sector is constantly growing, great concerns are related to risks that the youngest run In a market, that of Oonline, still too little controlled.

A very protected sector has become that of online casino. Just think that i Best online casinos They are subjected to anti -money laundering and data control programs, very sophisticated. The most prestigious operators use the SSL Technology, identifiable by the user through the presence of a green padlock in the browser bar, followed byURL that starts with HTTPSnull This particular encryption system instantly transforms all data concerning gamer into a text impossible to decipher, shared with the company. Numerous online casinos also interface constantly with independent agencies that have the task of analyzing the correctness of their games, to verify the safety offered to the user and the specific details of the withdrawal and deposit methods: among these we find Leovec e STARCASINO.

In principle, therefore, it really is Difficult to evade the sophisticated cross control system to which legal online casinos are subject. However, the fat as an Adm virtual casinos, not all operators in the Gambling and Gaming market have been concerned with adopting tools that allow their users to guarantee an honest, transparent game, 100%safe.

The anti -drug agreement with the Higher Institute of Health

Exploiting the pandemic factor, The web, the dark web, the discussion forums and the chats have become fertile ground for organized crime, by creating for example, new and unsuspected channels for the supply of narcotic substances. To confirm this terrible trend is the Minister for Youth Policies Fabiana Dadone in a parliamentary question on the new methods of spreading drugs among the youngest.

Precisely due to the contrast of this phenomenon, precisely due to the contrast of this phenomenon, an interinstitutional agreement has recently been entered into between the Department for Anti -drug policies and the Higher Institute of Health called "Behavior dependencies in the Z generation"null This agreement has the task of preventing the greatest behavior at risk of behavioral addictions such as:

  • social media addiction
  • food addiction
  • internet gaming disorder

The age group analyzed is the school population aged 11 to 17, comparing the profiles declared by the children with those of the parents.

The agreement has a duration of three years and has various mission to be achieved:

  • Activate a direct channel with the representatives of the public and private social services, to contribute to the reorganization of the network of services dedicated to addictions, the support of young people who have developed problems of addictions and their families, relying on qualified and specialized personnel
  • The strengthening of actions aimed at preventing the illegal manufacture of drugs, through the monitoring of flows within the national territory towards and abroad.
  • Numerous initiatives for the prevention of the use of drugs intended for the youth population in a school environment, the organization of popular activities and the constant synergy of the sectors of research and training.