What is the best browser for casino games

monday 12 june 2017
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Sometimes players who decide to bet on online casino games directly on the operators' websites, without downloading and installing programs, come across problems dependent on the browser used for navigation. Let's see what is the best browser to play online.

The introduction of an increasing number of software for i casino games, the increase of available operators and the increasingly stringent safety measures imposed by modern browsers as regards the use of plugins and technologies such as "flash" can create some problems for those who intend to bet online.

So let's see What are the best browsers who guarantee maximum compatibility with the technologies used for casino games, what are the problems that can be encountered and how to solve them in a practical and fast way.

Browser to bet from PC

To play PC the most suitable program is Mozilla Firefoxnull Although for normal navigation this browser is not as fast as Chrome, it is still the one that guarantees the largest compatibility with casino games, especially with playtech ones. If you have had problems in opening a game, then try the following procedure:

  • Download and install Firefox at this address.
  • Perform access to the operator's website on which you have opened a gaming account and try again to open the game. If all function, well, you have solved! If instead it appears this warning Continue with the next steps.
  • Install the plugin Flash, at the end, close and restart the browser.
  • Access again to the mess, if the procedure has been successful your table or virtual slot will work without problems.

Those who use a Windows 10 system can find a valid alternative in the Microsoft Edge browser, which guarantees good compatibility and a decent surrender of the games. Instead, the "old" Internet Explorer is not recommended for various reasons.

Those who prefer to use Chrome must keep in mind that cases can be presented in which the update of the balance or the special features within specific games can create problems. The winnings of the games are not compromised, but the game experience can be degraded.

Do you have a Mac? Then you can use the pre -installed browser without problems, Safari.

Browser to bet from Mobile

To bet from Mobile, Google Chrome is the most suitable browser to play in online casinos, of course as regards Android systems. In our tests we have not detected any problems, on the contrary the program "digests" the HTML5 technology very well, the current standard used for i Mobile games (especially with casino Playtech e casino NetEnt). It can be obtained simply by accessing the Play Store and downloading theFree App.

In the rare case in which the players present usability problems with this browser, The alternative is Firefox for Android: The browser of the house Mozilla behaves well in fact also on tablets and smartphones, although slightly slower than the Google home browser.

To play from iPhone or iPad better the apps

The many owners of Apple, iPhone or iPad devices have the opportunity to play online through a browser exactly like Android users.

However, in this case we recommend the use of dedicated apps, to be installed on the device, because they offer a much more compelling game experience. These apps can be downloaded for free by browsing the operators' websites and following the indications and links to the Apple Store.

Have you encountered particular problems in the use of a casino game and have we not provided you with the suitable solution? Let me know, we will try to help you and update this guide to inform other users too!