Can you always win at online casino games?

saturday 03 july 2021
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Is there a game where can you always win in online casinos? What are the virtual mess games where the chances of winning are very high?

One of the most frequent questions among online casino enthusiasts (especially among the novice ones) is the following: are there casino games where you can always win (or almost) and make winnings of great value?

A doubt that pervades the mind of all those who nourish passion for virtual mess and who have not yet gained sufficient experience at online gaming tables.

The idea that there may be a game or game tricks that allow you to create certain winnings at the Casino Games, is powered by numerous sources on the web. That's enough do a search on the internet by typing the query: How to always win at online casinos To find numerous sources that pass through the most fake "infallible game strategies" for valid.

The reality is completely different and the most experienced players know it perfectly: there is no game, a casino, a strategy or the application of tricks that allow you to make certain winnings at online casino games.

If you decide to sit at the Blackjack tables, roulette, or challenge the fate to the slot machines of any online casino, the possibility that you can lose what has been aimed is increasing than the probability that you can make a win.

Having made this due premise, it is also true that not all games are the same (in terms of probability of making winnings) and not all game techniques are fake or totally irrelevant for the purpose of the game result.

What are the online casino games where you can win the most?

Also in this case we have to make a premise: the games offered by virtual casinos differ not different not only as regards the rules and the graphic aspect, but also for a very important element called RTP, cioè Return To Player.
The RTP indicates a percentage - predetermined, certified and made known in the pages of the probability of winning of each AAMS authorized operator - of the total collection generated by a game within a specific time span, which is distributed to players in the form of winnings.

This means that the higher the value and the more the game tends to payThat is, the value returned to the players will be greater. Be careful, however, because this does not mean that the game with the highest RTP allows more likely to make winnings.

Having made this premise, among the most convenient games that pay the most, those in which the Fortuna factor affects less, such as: Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette must be counted.

Instead, they have a lower RTP slot machines, very inflated games despite the return to the player is lower. This is because they are simple to play, fun, with elementary game rules and there is no risk of finding yourself sitting at the table against a stronger opponent.


The Probability in the Blackjack game To create winning combinations at the green table, they are among the highest. This game, in fact, presents a RTP usually higher than 99%null It is perhaps the least convenient game for the operators, with the lesser margin of the counter on the player who is often less than 1%. It is the game in which the chances of mathematical winnings are higher.

It also represents a great classic of casino games, loved by many fans for its characteristics, among which stand out that::

  • presents intuitive rules
  • It is also simple for novice players
  • It is not played against an opponent but directly against the counter

All you have to do to win at the Blackjack game is to make a score higher than that made by the counter, approaching you and equal the score of 21. If you want to know in detail the dynamics of this game, visit the page dedicated to BlackJack.

On all the mess reviews on our site you have the opportunity to play at free Blackjack tables, in mode for pure fun. In the version of the "for Fun" game you will not be able to make winnings paid with real money, but you will have the opportunity to practice and learn the rules of this game and also try to apply the Strategy to win at Blackjack.


il Roulette game It is another great classic of the most loved among the online casino games, not surprisingly called: the "Queen of the casino”.

Roulette presents a RTP on average greater than 97% And even if it cannot be considered a game of skill (the outcome of the game and put back to which number the ball will decide to stop), the player must choose from a large range of possible games, of which he knows for each both L 'effective probability of making a win, both the payout expected in the event of a win.

Probability of winning and payout that vary according to the play that the player decides to do:

  • red/black, 18/37 (about 50% of winning probability) with payout equal to the initial mail once
  • Episode on single number, probability of winning 1/37 but the payout is 35 times the mail (35: 1)

Roulette is also lined with very simple rules, you can find them indicated in a simple and detailed way to the page dedicated to the game of roulette.

Slot Machines

The Slot Machines These are the casino games that collect the most successful success among Gambling fans. This successful success to many factors, the main of which lies in the simplicity of play: all that the player has to do, in fact, is to decide the value of the episode, operate the rollers and hope to see the symbols that correspond to one appear on the rollers of the many winning combinations.

These are, therefore, games where the fortune element plays a fundamental role and little is put back to the player's ability. For this reason, the slots they do not present a not particularly advantageous RTP for players.

The average Art value is different for each slot machine, Here you find the likelihood of winning allegi macines. The law requires a value of more than 90%.

Before starting to play a slot, our advice is to visit the page indicating the value of the Art of each game (present in all online casinos) e Choose to play slots with the highest RTP.

To ensure that the episodes to the slots are more convenient, we advise you to adopt these precautions:

  • Choosing the slots that have low volatility, i.e. a high frequency of winnings even if the value of the premiums related to the winning combinations is lower
  • Choose the slot machines characterized by extra functions such as free spin
  • Choose the slots that offer the bonuses, thanks to which they can earn additional prizes

Reaffirming the concept that there are only There are no games or strategies that allow you to always win to online casinos, we have seen that there are behaviors that if they follow correctly allow you to Increase the chances of creating winnings for games and slot machines.

To these, he adds the possibility of being able to exploit the cash vouchers that most of the operators offer to new members of their platform: the following connection finds the complete list of Bonus without immediate deposit that you will get for the only registration of the online casino that offers them.