Legal notes for the website is an information portal that deals with the theme of online game with specific reference to online casinos available for the American market (legal and approved by ADM/AAMS), compliant with legal standards (and common sense) as part of the game responsible, of the fight against ludopathy and non -instigation to gambling.

The authors of the site decline all responsibility for any damage to things, people and/or economic deriving from the use of the contents on this site as part of the online game and bets in general. It is the responsibility of the users to verify the rules and conditions of the betting platforms, as well as to manage their economic and psychological relationship with gambling.

We are not responsible for the cash losses suffered by the players who have used the information on or who have bet through one of the operators mentioned above or not between the pages of this site.

The information on the various topics contained in the pages of this website is to be considered purely reference And they must not be used instead of those provided by official operators who offer game services: we do our best to keep all sections updated with correct information, however it is possible that there are involuntary errors or that there is a delay in the update. For this, we invite users to always compare information with those present in the official documentation provided by the operators.

This is an amateur website and does not represent a newspaper as it is updated without any periodicitynull It cannot therefore be considered an editorial product pursuant to law n.62 of 2001.

We also declare that:

  • is an information website, not a betting platform. We do not offer games with money and we don't accept money from our users for any reason.
  • The authors of this site have no access to the personal information of the players who record a game account, on external platforms, using any links on this portal.
  • The opinions expressed are the result of a personal and subjective evaluation, not piloted for advertising purposes, based on criteria deemed important by the authors of the site in the field of online casinos.
  • All the brands and names among the information published on the site are respective owners.
  • Many articles published on this site refer to promotions offered by fixed -term operators. Since some of them can be no longer valid at the time of reading, it is the task of users to verify their effective availability before registering and/or betting on the operators' portals.

The staff of undertakes both to fight illegal game and to the prevention of the pathological game through the following interventions:

  • Only references to operators, online casinos and betting services authorized by AAMS.
  • Presentation of information using a language that does not instigate gambling even in promotional content.
  • Absence of any type of message, makeup or fraudulent system to deceive users with "safe winnings". We never refer to gambling as a job or a way to get profits with absolute certainty.
  • Insertion of various references to the responsible game on each page of the website and publication of a Section dedicated to this issue.

The information shown on this page can be subject to changes at any time and without notice. Last update: 09/07/2015.

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