How and where to play the Age of the Gods online slot

Age of the Gods represents the main title of one of the brand new series of slots presented by Playtech. 4 Progressive jackpots, 4 modes for free spin and other interesting functions make this slot unique.

After the recent removal from the market of the successful slot series that featured the Marvel heroes as protagonists, Playtech decided to create a new group of slots. The new games of the Age of the Gods series are an evolution of the previous Marvel games: they share the foundations and extend its features.

Age of the Gods is a 20 winning lines that is based on Theme of Greek mythologynull Offers the beauty of 4 Shared Progressive Jackpots, 4 different modes for free spin And other interesting bonus functions, such as the special "Pantheon of Power" combination.

The graphics are very cared for and pleasant, while the symbols and animations refer to the gods venerated in antiquity.

Age of the Gods Bonus e free spin

The bonus game is the true heart of this slot machine. It is activated when, during normal games, they are obtained 3 or more symbols run in any position on the rollers.

Once activated, 20 different tokens on the screen are shown. The player must select these tokens until he discovers 3 equal symbols that represent one of the four available deities.

At this point, 9 free laps are activated with the bonus features associated with the specific divinity, as reported below.

The bonus game is repeated until the player select the Hades symbol, which makes the bonus session finished and collect the winnings. There is therefore no maximum limit to free spin. Note that the player It will always win at least 9 laps for free, as the Hades symbol is not present in the first selection of tokens.

Here's what the 4 different deities correspond to:

  • Athena Free Games: 9 free spin with variable multiplier for each lap, from 2 to 5 times the normal winnings.
  • Zeus Free Games: 9 free play with a fixed sticky wild symbol in the middle of the central roller. Normal winnings for the first 3 laps, duplicated for the next three and tripled for the last three.
  • Poseidon Free Games: 9 free laps with the possibility of obtaining random Wild symbols in all positions on the rollers.
  • Hercules Free Games: 9 Free Spin with Wild symbol that entirely covers the central slot roller, increasing the possibilities of creating multiple combinations.

Jackpot at will!

During normal games it is possible that it is activated, randomly, the mini-game for the winning of one of the 4 progressive jackpotsnull The greater the overall episode and the greater the chances of being drawn.

Once the jackpot game has been activated, the player must choose, in a way similar to the bonus game, some tokens on the screen. As just 3 symbols of the same type are revealed, the player wins the corresponding jackpot.

Note that, Once the Jackpot Game has started, the player will surely win one of the prizes at stakenull The amounts usually vary from a few tens of euros for the lowest one, up to (and beyond!) To $ 100,000 for the richest one.

Pantheon of Power combination

Another interesting feature of this game is the special Pantheon of Power combination, which gives an instant win 200 times the line episode!

This special winning is obtained when, On a win of winning, there are all 5 symbols representing a divinity, it doesn't matter in what order.

In summary: many fun functions (9/10)
Review of the Slot Machine Age of the Gods of - updated to 23 February 2018

Where to play Age of the Gods for real or free money (Casino Playtech)

The following casino sites offer this game both in true money version and free to play from PC or mobile.

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