Over 2 million euros up for grabs with the Gladiator Jackpot slot

Gladiator Jackpot is the new version with progressive jackpot of one of the most famous playtech brand slot machines.

Gladiator Jackpot represents one of the most successful slot games of recent times, a great classic that has been passionate about players for several years, perhaps because inspired by one of the most loved films ever: the gladiator. The new version of the game shares the same general characteristics with the original one, but is equipped with a progressive jackpot that at the time we write exceeded 2.5 million euros.

Gladiator Jackpot is an online slot with 5 rollers and 25 winning linesnull It is a rather simple game regarding "normal" games, as usual the goal is to align on one or more lines of winning equal symbols.

There are two exceptions of particular interest: the scatter symbols that allow access to Bonus game to get free spin with winning multipliers And the Wild symbols, which in some cases allow the player to obtain an additional immediate win and the possibility of winning the entire progressive jackpot.

During the games it is possible to appreciate some scenes taken from the original film, in addition to the symbols that represent the actors who played it. In the following we deepen what are the most interesting aspects of this slot.

Scatter symbols: free spin with multipliers

When 3 or more symbols Scatter appear on the rollers in any position, the Coliseum Bonus game is activatednull In addition to an immediate winning that goes from 4 to 100 times the value of the total episode, the player gets access to the bonus game that assigns the free games.

The bonus game takes place on 4 levels: in each of them the player must choose a stone among those available, revealing the relative prize. Here's what the 4 levels correspond to (the first two are always winning, for the last two it depends on luck):

  • 1st level: Free spin number (you can activate several times)
  • 2nd level: winning multiplier (you can activate several times)
  • 3rd level: Extra Scotter symbol
  • 4th level: Extra Wild symbol

In the lucky cases, during the selection of the number of free spin, the player can immediately obtain the prize relating to all 4 levels.

Needless to say, the Coliseum Bonus represents the best chance of victory for playersnull In our opinion, the greatest importance is taken by the third level prize, that is, the extra run symbol. During the free spins, in fact, this symbol pays on all the winning lines when it appears in a random way on the rollers. To give an example, if the extra run symbol was an ace, the presence in any position of 4 axes on the rollers would guarantee the winning of 25 times the combination of 4 axes, in practice what happens during the free play of the slot book of ra , which has become famous precisely for this method of payment of the combinations. In these cases, the winnings at the Slot Machine Gladiator Jackpot can become very high (but consider that it takes a good dose of luck).

The jackpot of the gladiator slot

To win the jackpot at stake first, players must get 3 Wild symbols on the central rollers of the slotnull In fact, the Wild symbols in this slot do not only have the Jolly function, but if they appear simultaneously on the rollers 3, 4 and 5 give access to the game that allows you to burn the slot (the probability depend on the amount played but are still low).

During the bonus game, the players receive 9 cash prizes, whose value changes according to the amount bet and the type of prize: bronze, silver and gold. In the event that all the prizes obtained are golden, instead of winning the corresponding amount is awarded the entire progressive jackpot, which we remember has exceeded $ 2,500,000 when we write this review.

The double game

Like many of the other Playtech slot machines, even in Gladiator it is possible to try to double the winnings. To do this, after optimizing a winning combination, just select the doubling option.

In this case, the game is very simple: it is about guessing if the color of a covered card is red or black. In case of victory, the winnings double, otherwise the entire amount drops to zero. For this reason this mode is recommended only for small winnings.

Verdict: great classic with generous free spin (8/10)
Review of the Slot Machine Gladiator Jackpot of casino-us-casino.com - updated to November 3, 2016

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