Review of the new Halloween Fortune 2 slot

The 3 most famous witch of the mess on the web return to the new Halloween Fortune 2 slot, with some news especially as regards free games.

Being able to improve one of the most successful games of the last few years is probably not an easy business. For this reason, Playtech has created an original slot review Halloween Fortune, however, without revolutionizing things. The result? Let's find out!

On a graphic level, the new Halloween Fortune II presents itself as an update of the "old" version: more colorful, more fluid and with a greater number of high -level effects. The famous sound torn that accompanies during the games instead remained the same.

Even the symbols remained practically the same despite a graphic restyling, but here comes the first news: The symbols of the 3 witches are now "Stacked"That is, they occupy two cases vertically on the rollers, rather than only one. Instead, the old Scatter symbols have disappeared that allowed to start the free games on rollers 1 and 5, replaced by new ones that can instead present themselves on all 5 rollers. The always active winning lines also change, which pass from 20 to 25.

The Paytable also different from the previous version: the winning combinations are paid differently, probably a choice dictated by the presence of the symbols that occupy multiple boxes and by the number increased by winning lines.

The More interesting news, however, reside in the method of activating and carrying out the free spin, topic that we deepen detailed below. Whoever wants to see the new Halloween Fortune II in action can view the video directly incorporated at the end of the article.

Finally, remember that Halloween Fortune II is also available for those who play mobile with smartphones or tablets.

Play for free: 10 Free Spin with blocked Wild and multipliers

The real innovation of this game compared to the previous version concerns the activation of free games and their method of carrying out.

In fact, if in the original slot you could win up to 20 spins with multiplier up to 10 times (but also few spins with a single multiplier 2 times), in this new revision the players always receive 10 play with growing and guaranteed multiplier, with the addition of a wild blocked in a central position.

Let's see in detail What changes in the activation of the free spins:

  • Halloween Fortune II: they must appear on the rollers, in any position, 3 or more symbols run in the same play.
  • Halloween Fortune (Old Version): the Sympters Scatter symbols on roller 1 and roller 5 must be present in the same play.

E How the way of carrying out free laps changes:

  • Halloween Fortune II: 10 free spins are always won. During the free matches, a Wild blocked in a central position on the roller 3. The multiplier of the winnings starts from 2x and automatically increases by 1 every two laps, up to a maximum of 6x in the last two games.
  • Halloween Fortune (old version): they can be obtained from 3 to 20 games, with a fixed 2x to 10x winnings multiplier. No additional Wild is present during the games.

Our opinion on Halloween Fortune II

Considering that the two versions of this slot machine are very similar, the most interesting topic to discuss are free spin. In the old version there is the possibility of obtaining a greater number of turns and with a higher multiplier at the best of the hypotheses, but the thing is completely random and the player can also receive a few laps and with low multiplier.

In the new version, on the other hand, the number of laps is lower (10) as well as the maximum multiplier (6x). However, these settings are always the same and guaranteed. In addition, the Wild Extra certainly increases the chances of winning. For this reason, between the two, we prefer the new version, even if it is obviously a subjective choice.

Verdict: restyling of a well -made classic (8/10)

The video of the Halloween Fortune II slot: free graphics and laps

The following video shows the graphics of the game and starting from 0:40 the activation and performance of the free games.

Review of the Halloween Fortune 2 Slot Machine of - updated to June 1, 2017

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Always bet with moderation to the Halloween Fortune II slot!

Playing slots exposes the risk of addiction. Always use your head and bet in moderation.