Review of the Halloween Fortune slot Machine

Halloween Fortune is a 20 lines playtech slot machine, with two main features: excellent graphics but above all the possibility of winning free spin with decreased winnings.

The Halloween Fortune slot has conquered the favor of many players. In fact, it is a very well made slot, but what is really interesting are the rich free spins that can be won during the games: Up to 20 free games, with multipliers of the winnings vary from 2x to 10x.

Free spin aside, Halloween Fortune is a very simple slot machine: 20 winning lines, Wild symbols and Scatter, the possibility of trying the doubling of the amounts won.

The theme dealt with, as the name itself says, is that of the mysteries of Halloween. The game setting is extremely well done and colorful, which is why this slot is also highly appreciated by the female public.

Free Spin: modalità Witches' Brew Bonus

To start the game that assigns the free spin it is necessary that in the same game the bonus symbols on the first and fifth roller appear.

The mini-game is very simple: first of all the player must choose one of the three witches of the slot. Each witch can assign a different number of free games, up to a maximum of 20. In the second part you have to choose which will be the ingredient to be put in the pot between the 6 available. Each ingredient assigns a multiplier of the winnings for free spin, which can be 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 7x or 10x!

Once this phase is finished, the free spins start automatically. This image It shows the part of the Paytable of the Halloween Fortune slot relating to the Witches' Brew Bonus.

During the games for free, the presence on the 1st and 5th roller of the bonus symbol starts other free spins, in theoretically unlimited numbers, keeping the multiplier of the winnings already active.

Free spin of this type allow to make even very conspicuous winnings. What in normal conditions is a simple combination of 3 symbols that is paid for example $ 5, during the free spin with 10x multiplier the same combination is worth $ 50. Think of the value of the combinations of 4 or 5 symbols in this situation.

The double game

Halloween Fortune has a double winning function very similar to that of video pokernull Whenever the player realizes a winning combination, he can choose whether to collect it or whether to try the doubling, with the risk of losing everything.

The doubling game is very simple and provides that the player guess the color of a covered card.

The new version of 2017

Playtech has recently made a new version of this slot available. To know all the news, please read the Review of the new Halloween Fortune II version.

Verdict: excellent spin with 10x winnings! (7/10)
Review of the Halloween Fortune Slot Machine of - updated to June 1, 2017

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Play in moderation to the Halloween Fortune slot!

Slot machines are a type of games that can be very "addicative". We recommend playing with moderation always!